Daily Prompt: Borrowed

I don’t really borrow stuff. I organise my own possessions and so does Mr. Swiss. What he has I have to and vice versa. My youngest son might borrow a book, but that is rare. I do not have new books, they are all on my Kindle. Now and again I might borrow a record from my oldest son, and that is a technical master plan.

My oldest son is autistic, now 46 years old, so no more surprises in that direction and he collects things, records and CD’s. He also listens to the music of course.


You think “what a lot of records”, do not, that is just part of the collection. The two drawers with the CD’s and the shelf with the LP’S.

Of course, this has been going on for years. I remember when we bought him his bedroom furniture many years ago. The collection was then a drawer full of CD’s. We spoke with the furniture man. It was a good shop in our area, and he advised it would be a good idea to have the drawars tailored to the size of the CDs. Here you can see only the first row, the second row is behind them, and this is only part of the collection.


Here is the top row. He has over 2,000 CD’s and LP’s and could probably start his own radio station. So what do we have? Everything from the sixties onwards. Somewhere there is an original Beatles first LP from my teenage days. Otherwise of course he has the complete Beatles and Rolling Stones. I cannot list them all, although he could. All I know is that if I ask “do you have anything from The Who or Supertramp” it is just a very quick movement with the hand, he knows exactl where each CD is..

Now and again his mum likes to be reminded of her teenage music days and timidly asks No. 1 son if she can borrow a record to listen to. This is no problem, I just have to say the name of the singer and song and he reaches into this mass record collection and shows me where the needed CD is. Of course, they are all organised. He is autistic, and order must be, which is actually very good. On the other hand if he is not at home and I want to listen to one of his archived collection, I take it out of the drawer. Son No. 1 comes home, and after a few minutes asks where his CD record ???? is. He finds it is not there where it should be, because mum has taken it. He notices immedaitely that the organisation has been disturbed. He has no problem with this, he just wants to be certain that it has not disappeared to the land of borrowed and lost records.


And here we have the remainder which seem to be the Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton, Pink Flloyd seclection. I could not get them onto one photo.  Not only does he know where each record is but he can supply you with the names of the pieces on the various records and the year when they were recorded as well as who played what in the recording. As I said you can always borrow a record, but please return it afterwards as a piece of the mysterious puzzle would be missing.

Rainman, Dustin Hoffman is nothing in comparison. OK, perhaps I would have been happer if he had been a wizard at poker, but money is not everything when you can supply the local radio station with records, although his fame has not yet gone that far.

Now and again a small parcel arrives, CD shaped, from a recording he found in an obscure place after a long search: some sort of rare number that I had never heard of. He is a walking lexikon and knows almost everything about the musicians from the sixties onwards. If there is a discussion about the facts of recordings amongst the musicians in our area, they often say, ask him he will know. Anyone want to borrow a CD?

Daily Prompt: Borrowed

Daily Prompt: Going Obsolete – Why not?

Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?

Waiting for the rubbish disposal unit

A normal Swiss rubbish disposal container, the end station for all things obsolete. As I am still here writing my daily blog, I have not yet been disposed of, I am still necessary to impose my ideas and thoughts on the world, and Mr. Swiss still needs me to cook the dinner. It would not be fair to list other daily duties I take care of, as the “I” becomes a “we”. We live in a democracy, a partnership: after having established this fact that neither I nor Mr. Swiss has a wish to dispose of the partner. I now turn to the task at hand, which technology do I miss most?

I came to the conclusion that I do not miss any. I remember the old 78 rpm records, the only ones available when I was a kid. I might even have one somewhere in the cellar, but compared to a CD (which are slowly becoming obsolete) or an iPod they were not something to be mourned in passing. They did have another use. When heated you could bend them into the shape of a pot, useful for flowering plants.

I do miss the lemon tartlets my grandmother made. She passed on many years ago and took the secret to the grave with her, but they made an impression on my childhood mind. They would now be obsolete as no-one knows how she made them. She grew up in the country and did not know modern technologies, it was around the time when the railway arrived in her village, blowing steam into the countryside and polluting the atmosphere, so I do not miss the steam trains.

I do not miss the Brownie camera I have in the cellar, inherited from my mother. I grew up with this camera, shielding the little window from the light as you slid the lever and hoping that a white stripe of light would not spoil the photo. It was a box camera and patience was required until the finished photos could be picked up at the chemist’s shop. Today we have digital, everything is digital. The photos are pixilated, instantly ready for observing and load them onto the computer. Play with them in a photo programme and you have your Pulitzer prize winning photo. Poor old Ansel Adams had to apply his secret mixture of developing liquid to achieve his perfect black and white results, and in the bargain collecting some burns on his hands. So long live the digital camera.

Brownie box camera

My felines are also happy with their vitamin enriched pellet food mixture that they are served. Their dishes are always full.

“Who said that Mrs. Human?”. I was interrupted – again – by my big fat black long furred cat Nera with the sharpest claws.

“I did Nera, any objections?”

“Of course, imagine a human life where cooking became obsolete and you were served with the same dish of food every day, the only difference being the flavour. Mine arrive usually with chicken flavour. That reminds me, you never asked us felines which flavour we would prefer. According to my pawpad they are also available in tuna, beef and rabbit.”

“Oh, Nera, basically they all look the same.”

“Yes Mrs. Human and also taste the same, So imagine sitting at the human dining table and daily crunching away on hamburger pellets, or roast chicken pellets.”

“Nera, you cannot compare human food to feline food. We have different needs.”

“Exactly, so what about our feline needs for a fresh tuna fish dinner garnished with caviar, or chicken breasts with a pinch of tarragon. No, we felines have to do with vitamin filled dried pellets. They are not as pleasant in a hairball moment to recycle as genuine meat and fish. I think I will report you to the RSPCC (Royal society for prevention to cruelty to cats).”

“Forget it Nera, clinically prepared pellets are now the thing, and all other food items are gradually becoming obsolete in our house.”

“Correction Mrs. Human: “in our territory” so what arrives on our special feline dishes is determined by us felines, we were here first – think of the Egyptian corn chambers running alive with real mice. You should be ashamed of yourself Mrs. Human”.

She walked off swishing her long black furry tail and I was still trying to work out what that was all about: made a note on my shopping list “two tins of tuna fish”, just to be on the safe side.

Going Obsolete – Why not?