The Great Escape

Feldbrunnen 12.02.2017

 I have been in semi hibernation from November until now. The only break outs I did were the visits to the supermarket. Today was the day, I decided this morning I would escape, throw my cares aside, ignore the daily prompt, and take the camera for a walk. The sun was shining, nothing luke warm here, it was cold, but with a warm coat and shoes there was no danger of freezing. I even managed to coax Mr. Swiss to come with me, but which way? We decided to take a short walk to the stables and visit the horses, the chickens, the ducks and the geese.

Jura from Feldbrunnen 12.02.2017

There were still some remaining patches of snow left on the Jura mountains, but not too much and I managed to catch a murder of crows winging their way across the landscape. I could say flock of crows, but it seems they prefer to be called murderous, although we survived with no pecking injuries. It is not so easy when you need a cane for support and have a camera to handle at the same time, but I can be very inventive. I can stand on my own, so I hang my cane into the opening of my jacket at the top of the zip and find a comfortable tree to lean on. I then manage to take my photo. As we moved on there were no more trees to lean on, just bushes where I could hand my cane and eventually there were no bushes. That was when Mr. Swiss insisted that I give him my cane to hold to prevent any accidents happening.

Ducks 12.02 (2)

We soon arrived at the stables where they now have a few additional ducks, but not just any ducks: sort of special ducks. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, but there is a fence in between under electricity, although a few chickens managed to stray out without getting roasted  and ducks can fly in any case.

Chickens 12.02 (6)

They still have the chickens producing eggs for the village population. I should really try them some time. When you know the chicken that laid the egg it gives it the personal touch.

Pony 12.02 (1)

They now have a pony in the stables, a male pony it seems, for giving rides to children.

Horses 12.02 (1)

This horse got very curious as I took out my camera, so I decided to do him the favour of taking his picture.

Mr. Swiss decided after almost an hour it would be time to return home. My left leg was giving me a signal by not keeping up with my right leg. The ducks and chickens and the horses all waved goodbye to us. It was a real re-union after so long. Although when arriving home, we were both tired, but happy. It really made a change to get out into the fresh air.

I have now been busy uploading my photos, all 70 of them. That was the main reason I really wanted to get out, to take photos of something different.

We had a voting day today in Switzerland today, nothing dynamic as we have them often, so as soon as we arrived home the TV was switched on to see what the politicians felt about the results, although I retired to my computer.  In such a small country, results arrive quickly. I will not go into details about why we voted, because I do not have a political blog here. My idea of blogging is too have fun and not discussions.

I am looking forward to some more excursions into the wild, now the weather is becoming more sociable. It seems this week will remain snowless.


9 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. Love your trip and they photos. I also have trouble handling my camera while walking with my cane. I had not thought of the jacket. I normally hand the cane to my other half to hold while I take the shot. He normally doesn’t mind unless his objective is to walk for exercise. I guess you could say the pony is just hanging around? As for the horse wanting his picture taken I have one cat like that. He sees the camera or the phone and he does everything he can to be in the picture. Be well. Hugs

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    • Mr. Swiss is always ready to hold my cane, but I can be an obstinate independent person sometimes and like to manage it all by myself. I had to develop some sort of system with the camera and noticed that I can hang it at the top of the zip, although I have to make sure the zip does not unzip. Mr. Swiss goes for a walk for exercise, but I go to take photos. 🙂
      My cat is not such a camera lover, he turns his head each time I want a photo.

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      • Ah, my youngest cat is that way. Very hard to get a front face picture. When I try to get down in front of him to force a picture of him looking at me, he tries to lick the camera or puts his butt in the camera. 🙂 Be happy. Hugs


  2. Your photo through the fence is very good. For some reason, my camera wants to focus on the fence, not on what is beyond the fence, so I usually have to scrap the photos. I really like yours.

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    • I have to press the button on the camera until the focus is where I want it. I could have taken my 300 lens, but that is not very good for taking photos of closer stuff. I do not like taking 2 or 3 lens with me, as I have to hang them somewhere when walking. I always scrap some photos after a session, but that is probably normal with us paparazzi.

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  3. Every animal was obviously giving you his or her best side. Good shots for their personal resumes. Maybe they can get roles on TV?

    We have a farm around the block that sells eggs from the same chickens you can pet as they run around the yards. They used to be unfenced, but the coyotes, foxes, fishers, and bobcats won that battle, so now they have fenced runs. The eggs are great anyway. We can also buy milk from the free ranging and very contented cows, but their milk isn’t pasteurized or homogenized, so all the cream is at the top and Garry just drinks of the cream and leaves me the skim, which is icky. i I don’t buy it.

    Isn’t is nice living amongst happy farm animals? I know that in many cases, they are abused, but around here, they are closer to pets than food-making machines. And they all love having their pictures taken. Bring treats and they’ll do tricks 🙂


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