FOWC with Fandango: Prevalent

Today the weather played a large part in my life. I was visiting Mr. Swiss at his Golden Oldie home. It was not a friendly day with a cold strong wind although now and again the sun did poke through. It was rain and no rain, so i risked the journey. Whilst I was visiting I realised that things were looking quite dark outside and decided it was time to go home. As soon as I mounted my scooter to leave the heavens opened and the hailstones began to tumble down, whilst I was on my way. To intensify the situation, there was thunder and lightening. Thank goodness it is only a five minute journey, but I was naturally soaked when I arrived home. After changing into some dry clothes I had to dry out my scooter.

It was a cloud burst, but whilst I was at home I noticed that there was a repeat performance – see my photo. Those hailstones can hurt when they fall.

FOWC with Fandango: Prevalent

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