FOWC with Fandango: Meditate

For the price of almost 30 Swiss Francs you can have your own budda to help with meditation. I really do not know how people had the time and patience for meditation in the old world. With a growing family of four kids, it was action and not meditation. Even today meditation is far away. Since Mr. Swiss is no longer at home, my time is spent organising tax forms and other such official papers: not to mention online orders for the necessities of life. Those buddas hat a nice life, just thinking about it and the meaning of it all. No wonder they were quite on the corpulent side.
FOWC with Fandango. Meditate

RDP Wednesday: Museum

I grew up in a town full of museums, London. Every part of the town hd its own museum: even Bethnal Green, where I lived, had a museum full of remnants from the Victorian era, it was a external branch of the Victoria and Albert Museum and I spent many afternoons there browsing around, looking at the old style of dress at the turn of the centuary. The children’s department was the most interesting with its dolls houses and dolls.That was when I was younger some time in the fifties. We are now in the next centuary but the museum is still there somewhat modernised. However, the big museums were all situated in South Kensington in a part of London town. I think it was where I discovered my interest in history. Apart from the main department of the Victoria and Albert Museum, there was the Science museum, the Natural History museum and the Geophysical Museum. My parents would make an excursion to that part of London as a treat for me and we spent the day in the various museums. i think my dad enjoyed it most of all.

The photo is from the Natural History museum where they had a department for prehistoric animals that had been discovered over the years in England, As you can see it was a very majestic museum, with plenty of space, which it had to have for the sizes of the dinosaurs. My oldest son is standing next to the skeleton of the tail of a dinosaur and my youngest, who is now father of my two grandchildren, is at the front of the photo standing next to me. I was visiting my family in London when we made an excursion to South Kensington. The Science Museum was also attractive with the many machines you could operated, not to mention in later years when they exhibited one of the space capsules used by the Ameicans to return to earth,

I now live in a part of Switzerland where our local town of Solothurn also has a museum.

Even there the dinosaurs had left thei footprints in the nearby jura mountains, as can be seen by these two exhibits of dinosaur skulls.

Museums always fascinated and in the meanwhile I have visited many in the world.
And just one last glimpse at the British Museum in London where it has a vast collection of Egyptian mummies and also houses the Elgin Marbles, stolen from Greeks. They never forgave us Brits for that, and they are still making efforts to have them returned.
RDP Wednesday: Museum