FOWC with Fandango: Innovation

My newest innovation, but not that I buy anything because it might come in handy. Today I am careful what I get, so some thought went behind this new acquirement. It is a LED reading lamp. Since Mr. Swiss moved on to his Golden Oldie Senior home and I am alone at home, my life has changed. It is now just I, me and myself. I have not switched on the TV for 10 months, does not interest me. I keep myself busy with some blogging, and mainly reading, but reading is a slight problem. I have a Kindle and that is fine. It has its own light I do not like bright lights in the evening. I am not one of those people that have to have a book with covers and pages with its smell etc. but we have many books at home which I can no longer read as I do not want to sit in a bright light.

I noticed you can now get these LED lamps to attach for reading, so I decided to order one. It arrived after a day (Apple Store). I have not yet actually used it as I am reading a book on my Kindle, but I have many real books to read, so I hope this system will work. It was not an expensive toy and there was no postage to pay.

FOWC with Fandango: Innovation

RDP Sunday: Snail

It’s a funny thing with snails. When the warm summer days arrive, you do not see a single snail, but let there be rain and they appear from nowhere: not just one or two, but a tribe in all sorts of colours and sizes. Actually we have more slugs than snails in our garden. They are much the same, but are the naked variety without the house on their back.Of course they have it easy, no men or women, just unisex so they can to it all all on their own. Although I did discover once that you need two snails to make a family, although I have no idea of the mechanics.

Although I managed to capture this quiet moment of two snails together, doing what all good snails do I suppose.

I used to throw pellets to get rid of them but no longer. They have a right to enjoy the rainy days and nature takes care of itself. I have a plant in the garden called allium siculum, a relation of the garlic I suppose. It does smell quite strong.

It grows annually and it seems to keep the snails away from the plants. It just appeared on its own one day.

And then I have a snail that eats other snails.

It lives in the darkness of my raised bed between the stones. You rarely see him, but when the gardener arrives, he gets disturbed and comes out to see what it happening. Apparently his name is Leopard Slug and the nice thing is it eats other smaller slugs – a cannibal, but he is also one of the reasons why I no longer poison the slugs, they have their own system it seems. The Leopard Slug is twice as big as other slugs, but it keeps itself to itself.

And just to complete the picture, here is one of our local snails with a house on its back.

RDP Sunday: Snail