FOWC with Fandango: Observe

I observe permanently. You never know if you might get a good theme for a photo. Today was wonderful weather, Spring is on its way, almost here, and the sky was showing itself at its best. I was visiiting Mr. Swiss at his golden oldie refuge and this photo was from the grounds. At last we can go out, sit on a bench and enjoy the fresh air. Mr. Swiss told me that they have four new kid goats in the grounds and showed me the questionnaire where the guests in the home should suggest names for the goats. This was naturally an invitation for me to take some photos..

And here they are, all males. They make such wonderful squeaky noises, being youngsters.

They are so sweet, and now I can observe them growing during the Summer. Their horns have just began to show on their heads. They have one of the older goats still, a female, and she seems to be organising the youngsters.

FOWC with Fandango: Observe

RDP Thursday; Chiton

This is about the nearest I could get to a chiton (never heard of it actually). This lady is in our local cemetery. I took the photo some years ago, but found her a little dull so I dressed her up.
And this was the result, but only on my photo. She is still there today but does not realise how well known she has become.
RDP Thursday: Chiton