RDP Sunday: Muskrat

We rarely see a rat here: perhaps in Winter if we have heavy snow, but they are usually on their last legs. All I can offer is this mouse that our neighbour’s cat caught and decided it was good entertainment. We do have rats down at the river, but I rarely see them. The Swiss lakes have quite a few. They usually live in between the stones at the edge of the lake. Actually I have never heard of a muskrat.

RDP Sunday: Muskrat

4 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Muskrat

  1. According to Wiki, they’re native to North America–which I had thought–but they’ve been introduced to some parts of Europe. Don’t know why. There just are people who like to mess with species, taking them where they’re neither needed nor wanted, and the creature usually becomes a pest.
    Our muskrats are fairly benign, though, and about the size of a small cat–Wiki says they weigh up to 4 pounds.

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    • I had never heard of them, so I had a look at the German name: a bisamratte which was more familiar to me, but I have never seen one here. They probably did not find their way over the alps to Switzerland.

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