FOTD 22nd March 2023: Hyacinths

I am quite proud of these hyacinths. They do not look like veery much, but they come from an old hyacinth that was in me garden and before it left, it left some small offspring behind. For the first 2-3 years only leaves grew, and then the first flowers arrived: nothing special, but today they have grown into something that deserves the name of hyacinth.

FOTD 22nd March 2023: Hyacinth

FOWC with Fandango: Plan

If you ever visit our town of Solothurn in Switzerland, before you enter he gate on the East Side, you are confronted with this plan of the city. There is the river Aare that runs through it in the middle. Otherwise the houses and buildings are in their places for many years. Now and again something might be modernised, but otherwise the streets and buildings have been in the same place for a few centuries. Traffic is only allowed in the town for tradesmen and hotel guests. Otherwise it is a town for bicycles and pedestrians. The traffic goes on the roads around the town.

FoWC with Fandango: Plan

RDP Wednesday: Unpredictable

If there is anything unpredictable it is the weather. One day rain, the next day sun and temperatures that go up and down all the time. And now we have a climate change to contend with, meaning as usual, that the weather does what it wants heedless of our expectations.

But this crow arrives daily in my garden to see if there is anything to eat. I am sure it is the same crow every time. He is now becoming predictable.

RDP Wednesday: Unpredictable