FOWC with Fandango: Dialect

Wie d meischte scho wüsse tue ig Schwiizetütsch dr ganze Tag rede. Klar verstöht Ihr nit alles was ig jetzt schriebe u es sind e paar Fähler i diese Schrift. Schwiizetütsch isch nit eingentlich e schriftliche Spraach, mehr gesproche.

And now I am sure you are all confused. This was my attempt to write in our Swiss German dialect, although has some mistakes. It is not a dialect that is actually written, although there are a few Swiss writers that have made their name with books written in Swiss German. Gottfried Keller is one that springs to my mind. I know there are some German speaking that also write blogs here, but even they might be confused with our Swiss dialect. To confuse it more, each area has its own dialect, and often various villages pronounce words differently. I understand most Swiss dialects, although have a problem with people from the Wallis area of Switzerland. When I arrived in Switzerland I spent the first two years in Zürich, so adopted and few words in Zürich dialect. I then moved to Solothurn, and now my dialect is almost pure Solothurn, although a few words from Zürich still slip in.

My origins were in East London, but I will not go into detail about my natural Cockney, that is a subject for itself.

Life is interesting with our varous dialects. Most people in Switzerland think I am Dutch, as my intonation goes a little in that direction: also we Brits are not known for speaking foreign languages.

FOWC with Fandango: Dialect

RDP Wednesday: Winner

Yes, I was once a winner, but only once. It was in my working days, about 5 years before retirement.We had a Christmas celebration in the company. During the year we could make suggestions for the company for improvements, or when we had bright ideas. I was full of bright ideas, so made a few suggestions. At the end of the year the suggestion were all put in a bag and at random they were pulled out of the bag. There were three prices in Switss franca and yes, I got the first prize.There I am holding the poster with the 1000 Franc note. I think it was the only time I ever won a fiirst prize anywhere. I am sure I spent the money on the household for food – typical housewife.
RDP Wednesday: Winner