FOWC with Fandango: Hapless

I have had a few hapless moments since living without Mr. Swiss. I can always ask him for his advice, although he is a little out of touch with various situations today. We are both slowing down due to our ageing process. I now realise how much he dealt with when he was at home. We paid our income tax, but how much and for what just happened. Now I am in my second year of dealing with it all. Collecting the various documents, organising them and passing them onto to our tax assistant. You do not have to have someone to fill out out the forms, and you can do it yourself, but no thankyou. I have a someone that does it for me, It is worth the money I pay him to do it and it is not an exception in -Switzerland to have someone. Mr. Swiss used to do it all himself, but in his later years he discovered it was better to have a qualified help. Today was the day when I brought all the documents to our tax man. He will complete the formula and send it back to me for our signatures and then I can send it to the tax authorities.

The next hapless moment was yesterday evening when we had our annual meeting for the estate where I live. As they are bought apartments, the company that does the administration work calls us to a meeting to discuss various problems and developments on the property: costs of electricity, water and heating and changes etc. etc. I do not usually go, but yesterday there were a few items I had to examine. Not everyone goes. I noticed everyone seemed to be an expert on the various subjects discussed. I did not have a lot to say, and to be quite honest, it all went a little too fast for me. Something else I will have to learn to handle, but one of my friendly neighbours helped me with a few items and will be helping me further. I understand and speak german as a second language, but such subjects seem to have their own language.I suppose you are never too old to learn, but I seem to forget more as I get older. Hapless is a general description for my state of mind currently. However, it can only get better – I hope.

FOWC with Fandango: Hapless

RDP Tuesday: Imprecation

If you want to find some words out of place, then take a trip on a train. It seems that we are talking about words that we should avoid if possible. Of course I have my moments when such expressions help to relieve the stress. My advantage is that I can do it in English, French, German and Swiss German. Swiss German has the widest vocablulary I know for such expressions. Being a country with four official languages it often happens that the natives tend to mix the languages together in such siuations. A little bit of French, a little bit of Swiss German and it relieves the problem. My husband was a good teacher, although if I happened to copy his expressions, he told me not to use such words – typical man. Naturally my cockndy origins gave me enough food for thought in that direction. So I leave this discussion with corblimy, Gottfried Stutz and merde. I will not translate.

And here a video, Kiosk, about Gottfried Stutz from the late Polo Hofer, one of the best Swiss Beat bands in Swiss German,

RDP Tuesday: Imprecation