FOWC with Fandango: Irregular

Funny but the word “irregular” reminds me of the London busses. Officially there should be a bus arriving every 10 minutes, at least on our route in East London, the No. 8 bus. However. you had to wait perhaps half an hour and there was no bus in sight. Suddenly three busses arrived all at once. Perhaps they had their own timetable and could not divide by ten. Oh and the young man on this bus is my youngest son. This bus was in Switzerland (advertising for the Brits) so he naturally took a ride on it.

FOWC Fandango: Irregular

RDP Saturday: Dreams

The expert sleepers are cats, without a doubt, They spend 23 hours a day sleeping, and the remaining hour is divided between eatiing and searching for somewhere to sleep. Do they dream? I think so, as sometimes in their sleep they make a strange nouse as if someone was approaching with a can opener.

Do I dream? Of course, although as I get older my dreams seem to get more realistic, as if they were not dreams but really happening, And then I suddenly awake and realise that it was all a dream after all: everything being as it should be, nobody missing or injured. And yes sometimes I seem to be back in the past living where I once lived in London, but not quite – with other people. I talk in my sleep apparently now and again, and if it gets vivid it can get a little loud, although I would not know today as I have no-one to wake me.

RDP Saturday: Dreams