RDP Tuesday: Imprecation

If you want to find some words out of place, then take a trip on a train. It seems that we are talking about words that we should avoid if possible. Of course I have my moments when such expressions help to relieve the stress. My advantage is that I can do it in English, French, German and Swiss German. Swiss German has the widest vocablulary I know for such expressions. Being a country with four official languages it often happens that the natives tend to mix the languages together in such siuations. A little bit of French, a little bit of Swiss German and it relieves the problem. My husband was a good teacher, although if I happened to copy his expressions, he told me not to use such words – typical man. Naturally my cockndy origins gave me enough food for thought in that direction. So I leave this discussion with corblimy, Gottfried Stutz and merde. I will not translate.

And here a video, Kiosk, about Gottfried Stutz from the late Polo Hofer, one of the best Swiss Beat bands in Swiss German,

RDP Tuesday: Imprecation

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