Daily Prompt: Ripped Into The Headlines

Write about something that happened over the weekend as thought it’s the top story on your local paper.

Photographers, artists, poets show us something from your WEEKEND.



The wisteria in the front garden

Yes, she did it again: every year the same procedure at the same time. Heedless of the neighbours, paying no attention to how it looks when she stands there in a t-shirt with a hose in the hand and Mr. Swiss leaves, disappears. What is the truth behind this event?

There is a time when the trees have shed their flowers, the pollen has been distributed by rain showers and attaches itself on the aluminium blinds. It is then that Mrs. Angloswiss goes to work. It was a sunny pleasant afternoon, a day when Mr. Swiss was away until the evening, a band rehearsal somewhere in the Bernese Overland. Mrs. Angloswiss knew it was now or never. It was time to remove the layer of pollen that had found its way to the Angloswiss blinds and formed a thin green-yellowish layer.

Alone, with the company of three felines, the hose was put into position. Her hands trembling as she activated the water jet and it poured, spraying away the dirt, and also spraying two felines that had decided to watch. The felines disappeared although Mrs. Angloswiss continued, ignoring their furious meows and snarling after their involuntary shower.

It was time for the second part of the game. Taking a cloth in her hand, she wiped carefully all surfaces of the blinds, paying attention to the grooves on the edges of the blind. Everything ran smoothly, although she realised the bottom half needed the help of a seating device. Undaunted she collected a plastic balcony chair, placed it in a strategic sitting position. It was her rescue for the bottom six slats of the blind, protecting her back. No, she would not be happy with an attack of lumbago or a discus hernia.

Was Mrs. Angloswiss finished? Not yet: she began to wipe the blinds dry with a cotton cloth. She was happy; her blinds were now sparkling in the sunlight. However, she could not sit and admire the work. This was just the first blind, there were two more to go. So she repeated the work twice, ignoring her thirst, her exhaustion and two felines that had again appeared to watch from a safe distance.

Eventually after two and a half hours of solid concentration, she could relax, pleased with the result. Was she finished? The grand finale was still to come.

The blinds were lifted and three sets of smeared and water stained windows appeared. Again Mrs. Angloswiss went into action. She fetched her special window cleaning tools. After a treatment with cleaning liquid and a special drying apparatus the windows were spotless, transparent and Mrs. Angloswiss sighed with relief. The felines were also happy.

This annual event drew to a close. Mrs. Anglos swiss relaxed and seated herself on the patio, soaking in the remainder of the afternoon. Mr. Swiss re-appeared after a safe return journey, happy to find that the annual blind-cleaning process was successfully concluded.

Daily Prompt: Ripped Into The Headlines