Daily prompt: Take Care

When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?

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Injured Player
I really do not know where to go on this one. Luckily up to now my serious problems have been taken care of in hospital. I am diabetic, but that is no big deal and am not the only one.

I am woman – so we do not suffer from “man ‘flu” but “woman ‘flu”. Now I do not want to be discriminating, men suffer as well, I know: but they are different in a way. They just moan differently to women. It is not something I can really classify. Men like to be cared for and looked after, probably in their nature. They are also more sensitive to pain than the female species. I also accept any help offered but I can also look after myself. It is just nice to have someone near that puts up with your moaning as you put up with their moaning. What are partners for?

If I am given voluntary help and advice, I am quite happy. Usually I just creep into my bed and forget the world. I remember my last real ‘flu, which was many years ago. I gave up. I felt like dying every day. I was cared for, looked after. My thirst was quenched and my temperature measured. What more can you need? It was sometime just after Christmas. I am really ill so seldom that the memory remains. I also remember that when I was beginning to recover, my germs began to share themselves with my partner. Even in illness I am generous.

Otherwise I am not often so ill that I cannot help myself. Age catches up with you, and all sorts of things arrive in your health picture, but I suppose that’s life. The major problems, like broken arms and hospital stays for operations, are cared for by medical personnel. We have such a good medical care in Swiss hospitals; I compare them to 5 star hotels, without the choice of food.

The attacks of sciatica, indigestion, lumbago, and perhaps a headache (which I almost never get) are just part of life. Perhaps it is also because I was for many years a member of the first aid group in our village in Switzerland. I learnt a lot about why and how health problems can occur and understanding the reasons help to realise that what you actually have may not be so serious. It is just a matter of waiting for the illness to pass over.

To be quite honest, when I am really down, see no relief from pain or sickness, then it is just I, me and myself and I could not care less about the others that have to put up with me. I just revel in selfishness.

Daily prompt: Take Care