Daily Prompt: Tagline

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ADVERTISING. 

Mr. Swiss and the Migros cat

I do not really do advertising, it is forced into our existence every day in the newspaper and other media, but I snapped this one a couple of weeks ago at our local supermarket trolley park. This feline seems to live dangerously, probably belongs to someone living near, but we often meet her here. She is quite at home between the trolleys and the cars. I won’t say who the bloke is that is waiting for his wife busy taking a photo.

So now let us get down to some tags for me. I hate making lists, looks so official, but sometimes you cannot avoid it.

Golden Oldie
Yes, that is me. Too old to talk about enjoyable nights at the dance hall, or telling everyone about the good looking bloke I met last week, who dated me: but old enough to enjoy what life has to offer me and make the most of it. Perhaps taking a walk in the country, out into nature, or staying active with

Tai Chi
Something I discovered about half a year ago and since visit my course once a week. I practice more or less every day and it is a chance to forget the hectic of the world and just relax doing the nice slow and careful exercises with the neighbours probably looking on behind their blinds/curtains when I like to train outside in the

Where I like to keep things trim now and again. My days of landscape gardening are gone and my annuals are now more herbs. The other flowers have become more perrenial. They re-appear every year and do not need replanting or care. Of course where would I be without my

They are part of my life and ……..

“Mrs Human, if you want to do this thing right then say it properly. Your terminology leaves a lot to be desired.”

The chief cat Nera is now on the scene is waving her tail impatiently and has extended her claws. “

“You have a problem Nera?”

“Just a large correction. The word is not cat but FELINE. How often do I, Tabby and Fluffy have to emphasise this. I could call you Mrs. Imperfect, but I am sure that would not be to your taste. Humans are so easily insulted. They do not have the high intelligence of our feline race.”

“OK, Nera, you win” (they always win, I gave up having an argument with the cat feline race ten years ago when they moved in and took over).

So a small major correction. The word is FELINE.

“Ok Nera, are you happy now?”

“Everything under control, you may continue.”

Which brings me to my next tab. My felines are one of the main subjects of my

“Mrs. Human” says Nera waving a fully clawed paw in the air.

“Something wrong Nera?”

“Just make it clear to your fan club that photos of felines are only made and shown with our express permission.”

To continue, photography is one of my hobbies. I take photos of anything I find interesting, even my the felines with their express permission of course.

Now I am lucky a mouse just ran across the field and Nera is off on the chase, so now with no unwelcome interruptions. I am an avid reader, I do not read I devour

All sorts of books, split into original English language and German, being now bilingual, although my writing skills are basically English. I found that an advantage in reading German is that I can indulge in the German classics in the original version. Talking of devouring you will often find me

I can read a cook book like a novel, discovering all sorts of different dishes and trying them out. I do not like readymade meals, I like to know what they contain. You can tag me with cooking, mainly Swiss/Italian style with a little bit of English mixed in now and again, especially with the cakes and biscuits.

I have now run out of tags to describe my life, but I think that will suffice. Oh dear a large black long furred feline is wobbling over.

“Mrs. Human I do not wobble, it is fluff not fat. You have forgotten one important tag, the most important of all.”

“That would be Nera?”

“Tuna Fish of course.”

“Yes of course Nera, how could I be so ignorant and forgetful? By the way did you catch the mouse?”

“Understood Mrs. Human. You ignorance and forgetfulness come from being a golden oldie that spends her active time practicing Tai Chi, working in the Garden and your lesser understanding of the feline race. I did not catch the mouse, she disappeared into a hole in the ground. Tabby my feline litter sister is now positioned over the mouse hole and waiting for a reappearance. I would advise you relax with a book, and afterwards perhaps cook a nice tasty meal, including some chicken. Me Tabby and Fluffy enjoy a morsel of chicken now and again. You do not have to make a fancy sauce with it, just  plain chicken fried in butter does the trick.”

Daily Prompt: Tagline