Daily Prompt: Four Stars

Write a review of your life — or the life of someone close to you — as if it were a movie or a book.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us LIFE.

Red Admiral Butterfly

There she was sitting and waiting to unfold her wings, to conquer the world. The dark shadows of war were still hanging over her country. The armies had surrendered and the country thad to be rebuilt after the destruction caused by bombs and fires.

The heroine of this book arrived on the scene, born in the wrong place at the wrong time; her cockney nationality stolen by the events, all hospitals being occupied. There were just too many children being born, so she was swept away into another town. She lost her right to enter the world within the sound of Bow bells which would be a genuine cockney. She came to this world in a town that made no lasting impression as she lingered only one week after her birth. It was a cold winter. No rays of sunshine met her body to encourage healthy growth, but she was a fighter and survivor.

She fought her way through the grime and smoke  of her childhood, risking suffocation on walks through the London streets, surrounded by blankets of yellow smog, thick enough for cutting with a knife; her nose containing spores of sooty material when arriving at school. Her life was surrounded by the noises of heavy trucks shifting their loads through the streets, of cranes twisting and turning, straining to lift their loads rebuilding London.

It was a hard path that stretched out before her in her school days. A class of fifty children, the products of the baby boom after the return of the men from the war but she persevered,  swallowed the bitter pill of learning and broke out of her working class surroundings, at the same time not forgetting where her roots were.

The teenage years passed safely, more luck than judgement she often thought. Walking home at midnight through the streets of East London from the underground station was an adventure which she braved with no fear. It was her territory, the place where her roots were and Jack the Ripper, one of her past neighbours, had been dead and gone for many years.

She had a restless nature, never staying, always ready to explore the possibilities of the unknown. The adventure deepens when she left England, not knowing where she would find her place in the world.

There is romance in this story, meeting that special someone, soul mate, although they had little in common, but she was convinced that was the interesting part of life. Her motto in life was always “you have nothing to lose” and she took advantage of every opportunity that crossed her path.

Meet the Angloswiss through her adventures and ventures into the unknown. This book will be your page-turner of the year. You will never know what is going to be on the next page. Even Angloswiss has no answer to this question.

Daily Prompt: Four Stars