Daily Prompt: RSVP

Plan the ultimate celebration for the person you’re closest to, and tell us about it. Where is it? Who’s there? What’s served? What happens?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CELEBRATION. 

Nera and Tabby celebration

“Now let’s see … we could invite Röschti, Bobinette, Mr. Grey, Boubou ……”

“Mrs. Human, what is the meaning of that silly photo and why are you making a list of our despised enemies, the territory thieves, the felines that we hate most of all.”

“Nera feline, we have had such rainy weather and you and your litter sister Tabby have been couped up indoors, not wanting to get wet. Now we have nice warm summer weather, so I thought to celebrate we could invite some of your friends over for a sort of belated birthday party.”

Nera and Tabby looked at me as if I was ripe for the island, shaking their heads and rolling their eyes. Even their whiskers were twitching.

“Mrs. Human” said Tabby “we are felines, we do not celebrate anything with the exception of Bast’s birthday or a plate of tuna fish or salmon: and together with other felines definitely not.”

“Tabby is right” added Nera “have you ever seen cats sitting paw in paw and having a conversation, or laughing together?”

“Well, come to think of it no, but I thought it would be a good idea. You could invite all your feline companions to a plate of salmon and perhaps play a few games.”

“Mrs. Human, have you ever seen a feline play a game? Not even “catch the mouse” is a game. It is a serious pastime and afterwards the only celebration we have is to eat it and the word companion does not exist in meow”.Nera stamped her paw in emphasis of her intelligent remark.

“Exactly Mrs. Human, felines are not human. We live for the moment, I, me and myself and the word “party” or “celebrate” also do not exist in meow, so you can throw your list of invitations in the garbage can” said Tabby.

“Of course” continued Nera “if you insist, I could have a meeting outside under the apple tree with Tabby and  Fluffy, our apprentice feline. You can then invite all those hated felines on your list. Take some photos of our “celebration” when we start fighting, scratching and hissing. I am sure they will look good on your blog, nice and colourful. Scratches do tend to leave nice deep red lines on the skin.”

“Yes Mrs. Human, now that would be a celebration to enjoy.” Said Tabby”

“You mean I can join in” Fluffy arrived on the scene. “Let me know when it is all happening and I will especially sharpen my claws for the event.”

“Felines this is beginning to sound like a war and not a party. I was thinking of something more like fun. Meowing a few songs together and getting to know each other better. “

“Exactly Mrs. Human; we will do a lot of communal meowing, and very loud. We will definitely get to know each other. There is nothing like a fight with sharp teeth to discover the various flavours of different felines.”

“You know what felines, let’s forget the whole thing. Just go and have a sleep and when you are awake there will be a plate of tuna waiting for each of you, perhaps I might even decorate it with a candle.”

“Ok Mrs. Human, we agree, but forget the candle, you cannot eat it.”

Daily Prompt: RSVP