Daily Prompt: Singin’ in the Rain

Safe inside, toasty warm, while water pitter-patters on the roof… describe your perfect, rainy afternoon.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RAIN.


Looks like there is a storm brewing
And the wind starts howling
The cats start running
Searching for protection
Suspense is mounting
The stage is set,
pressure is gathering,
The air is pregnant with tension

At time like this I like to watch from the patio, letting the wind gusts fly across the garden, scattering leaves and twigs as if they were just feathers caught in the wind. I can feel it coming, the sky darkens and then the rain starts falling. First of all single drops, heavy with the weight of their moisture casting stains on the concrete, bouncing off the leaves in the garden. That is just the ouverture.

The time arrives to disappear into the protection of my own four walls, followed by the felines.

“Mrs. Human” Nera the chief cat says. “Do something to stop the rain.”

“Not possible Nera.”

“But Humans can do everything we felines cannot, that was why we let you be our slaves. Bastet, our chief somewhere in the eternal corn chambers, said find a human, preferably with a well stocked larder, and you have no more food or rain worries.”

“Yes Nera, even Bast can be wrong sometimes. Human god(s) can also make mistakes, and no-one can control the weather. If it rains, it rains and you just have to change your programme and put up with it.”

“Felines do not change programmes Mrs. Human, the programmes change for the felines and we are not here to “put up” with things. Look Tabby is coming, shaking her wet fur. Tabby, shake your fur over there where Mrs. Human is standing, not here. My wonderful black silky fur has the wet look, not exactly the thing for a Princess feline like myself.”

Tabby moved and I got a drenched foot as she shook her raindrops in my direction.

“Sorry Mrs. Human” said Tabby, “but I have to put my wet somewhere and you just happened to be in the way. You see Nera, anything to please. You fur stinks when it gets wet and Mrs. Human just stinks of human whether wet or dry.” I stink?

“Hiss, hiss, Tabby tired of life?” was Nera’s answer.

I decided to intervene; otherwise the fur might start flying. “Felines be nice to each other. Look at the rain outside the window. Can you hear the pit-pat on the glass panes? You will now have to be content doing something worthwhile indoors.”

“Did you hear Nera?” said Tabby to Nera “something worthwhile. Looks like the indoor programme will have to be applied. Where are you sleeping Nera.”

“Ok, Mrs. Human, point taken. Tabby I will lay my super luxury body on the soft comfortable blanket on the settee, stretched out to absorb the fifty shades of sleep.”

Since Nera saw that book on the computer her life seems to revolve around fifty shades of everything.

“What about you Tabby?” I asked.

“Great minds think alike, but it looks like Nera has again taken the most comfortable place for a sleep. I will again have to succumb to the hierarchy of the felines and take the second choice. I am up on top of the cupboard, where I can survey everything. When I come to think of it, that was Nera’s favourite place until her sleek body became no longer sleek, a little bit overweight and she started to sway when she walks instead of sprightly leaping everywhere like a spring lamb. She cannot climb to the top these days.”

“Tabby, you really seem to have a death wish today, hiss, hiss. I have told you time and time again it is my super luxury fur, fluff, and not overweight. Nothing worse than a jealous feline.” Nera was again annoyed.

Then it was quiet, just the regular breathing movements of two sulking cats that avoid rain when they can.

And me? I decided to clean out some cupboards, do some ironing and bake a cake. I like to catch up a bit on housework when I cannot sit outside with my computer, or a good book. That is my bad weather programme for an afternoon. After all the weather can only get better.

Daily Prompt: Singin’ in the Rain