Daily Prompt: Back to the Future

A service has been invented through which you can send messages to people in the future. To whom would you send something, and what would you write?

Nera finished with the computer

“Hello, great grandson, are you receiving me. It is your great grandmother again. Did you find it?”

“Yes, no problem. Had to wipe some cobwebs away and let it run through a general clean up. Your computer is working again as if it was new. I just converted it to touch screen, although it now functions with telepathy. I just have to use my brain to direct a command.”

“You mean you could read everything I wrote in my many blogs?”

“Of course, no problem. Shame you are not with us any more, you would be rich and famous.”

“How comes?”

“I took the computer to the university and the professor had a look through your writings.”

“But that must a been heavy to transport.”

“Great grand mum, we are in the future. We don’t have computers like you had any more. We just have a flat screen with a slot. All your stuff is on a chip, just push it in and there we are. The professor found some of the stuff funny. Especially you talking about the cats.”

“You mean he liked the stories.”

“Stories? He showed them to the feline class and they realised it was the beginnings before they started to rule the world paw in hand with us humans.”

“Just a minute, I don’t get this. You mean that cats are taking over.”

“I wouldn’t go that far, but they have made a lot of progress. They have their own computers now, developed from the iPad, known as pPads, or in full Pawpads. They are quite a help in the development of telepathy in industry. They give the orders and everything works. The computers obey them and they have some good ideas.”

“Such as?”

“It seems that all those cooking blogs you wrote are a real joke. The women of today wonder what that is all about. Actually doing things to meat and something called vegetable.”

“I don’t get you.”

“It was the cat’s idea. They showed us how to make pellets out of food. Now we just buy a bag of pellets. Contains all the vitamines we need. No need to cook any more. Of course now and again as a change to our diat, we can get tins of mouse. We love it.”

“What do the cats eat?”

“They have grown a bit compared to your days and can even walk on the hind legs if they want to. They now do their own thing. They even do fish farming. Cats usually make sure they have a tank of fish in their houses. They have humans to work for them, taking the fish out of the water. Cats do not like water, but they love the fresh fish. I have to go now great grandma, I have a lesson in meow and I don’t want to miss it. We are reading the book of Nera the chief cat. They even translate your old cat blogs into meow. The cats love them, it forms part of their history lessons.”

“Just tell me one thing, are the cats in charge or the humans?”

“As I said great grandmum, we work paw in hand. So, my professor is calling I have to go. He can be very nasty with his claws if I am late.”

Daily Prompt: Back to the Future