Daily Prompt: Menagerie

Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do “they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

(Bonus points for adorable animal photos, and double bonus if they’re taken with your phone!) –I have a Nikon camera, as well as a Lumix so definitely do not need to use my phone

“Look Tabby, Fluffy, the daily prompt, it is just for us.”

“Yessss Nera, we have our chance at last to get a blogger award for our writing talents.”

“We will start with our portraits, before talking about the animals in our life.”

“Agreed” said Tabby and Fluffy in unison. The felines were quite excited, at last a prompt they could do on their own.

“To start with I will show one of my portrait studies, I even signed it with a paw print and sent the original to Garfield. Am still waiting for an answer.” said Nera the chief cat.

Nera studio photo
“Note my voluptuous curves, my silky fur and my shining eyes, I am sure Garfield fell in love with my portrait. I wonder why he has not yet answered my letter with the photo?”

“Perhaps he wasn’t interested Nera, you know he might have had the same operation as we three cats, then the opposite sex just seems to lose its attrativity.” spoke Tabby and continued “But now it is my turn to show my photo. I am more the intellectual type, not so much fat, sorry fluff, but I invest more into my feline brain.”

“I was really concentrating in this photo, thinking about the meaning of life in connection with mice and birds and why the ideal tin opener for cat paws has not yet been developed.”

“Yes Tabby, dream on, as long as we have our slaves, aka humans, there is not need for a feline friendly tin opener.” answered Nera.

“Now it’s my turn, my turn, let me put a photo on the prompt.”

“Ok, Fluffy, stay cool, you will get your photo, Which one do you want?”

“Choose one of my dreamy photos where I am sort of swaying between Nirvana and corn chambers in Egypt. I do not see the photos so I will let you choose Nera. Mr. and Mrs. Human say I am blind, but I still don’t know what that is.”

So here is the photo Nera and Tabby chose for Fluffy.


“I think you have done a good job Nera” said Tabby and Fluffy. Mrs. Human will be proud of us and she does not have to bother about writing anything today on her daily prompt.”

“What did I hear felines about my daily prompt. What are you doing on my computer.”

“We saved you some problems with the daily prompt. They asked if we have animals in our life and what they mean to us, so we just have to write that and then we are finished.”

“But felines the prompt is for me to write about the animals in my life.”

“Forget it, Mrs. Human. Humans are also animals, homo sapiens, but do not expect us to use that phrase. To continue, you and Mr. Human are the animals in our life and mean a lot to us. Without you our cat tray would smell and never be emptied. Our twice a weekly ration of tuna fish would not be prepared, due to the fact that our paws cannot use the tin opener. We also need you both for your credit cards, so that we can order online on our pawpads various feline essentials, such as catnip filled toys, a new designer cat play center and of course the diamond studied collars, although they have delivery problems at the moment. Not to mention that when we have a hairball moment, you are both ready to clear it away. Yes I would say you both mean quite a lot to us felines, so now I think it is time for a plate of tuna fish, laced with liquid and Tabby said she would like some yogurt as a desert today. It helps with the digestion.

And to finish this epic blog, we also have our own site on WordPress. I am sure you would all love to read it, so here is the link The Cat Chronicles

Mrs. Human, Mrs. Human – where has she gone?”

“I think she is having one of those hissy fits in her sleeping cushion, talking about ungrateful felines and all that rubbish. Just leave her, she will soon recover. Fluffy is going to have a hairball moment, he is already preparing for it, and then she will come running to clear the mess away like all well trained humans.” So Tabby had the last word.

Daily prompt: Menagerie