Daily Prompt: Trading Places

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of the opposite sex for a day? What do you think life would be like?


No, I have never wondered and never wanted to. The advantage with being in the older years and no longer a working woman is that you have time. Time for a midday sleep after lunch when the WordPress Daily Prompt arrives on my computer at 13.00 hours (1 o’clock p.m.), meaning that I can sort of think about it during the hour or so that I relax. Sometimes I actually sleep and sometimes just have a mind wandering session. Today was both. Luckily when I awoke I did not have any facial growth whatsoever and my voice was normally loud and piercing in high tones as usual. It had not broken during my sleep and fallen two octaves lower, so everything is fine.

As you can see from the photo, a moustache would not suit me and I really do not intend to start shaving every day, not wanting to go into other biological differences in details (you know like putting the toilet seat up etc.), which I do not wish to discuss here. I am happy to belong to the female species. When I told my male counterpart about this challenge he just laughed and to be quite honest I could not imagine him in lipstick or high heels, we are both happy as we are.

I would also mention that Switzerland has become quite female friendly since I have been living here. When I arrived 46 years ago, women did not even have the right to vote. There were no female members of parliament, and it was a dream for them to partake in politics. However  in 1971 the men gave up and let the women in (or was it because I arrived). Just imagine today we even have a Swiss government with a majority of female ministers now and again. I would add here that we are very democratic. We have basically 7 ministers that are re-elected or newly elected every year at the beginning of December. The ministers belong to the same parties, 2 socialists, 2 conservatives, 2 liberal and 1 christian party. That is the so-called magic formula, although it might be changed according to the distribution of thought in the population. One of these ministers is elected as president, but he/she only resides for a year and the following December a new president is selected from the ministers. Note “he/she”. This only exists since 1971, it used to be only he. We have even had a female majority of ministers.

The men are even losing their master status. Some companies, and even government departments, have decided that women should be equally treated. It is often the fact that new people are employed because they are female to show the equality. Although I must say I am not very happy about this. I still believe that it is the quality of the work that counts, whether male or female and not just because of the gender.

So what do I have to win becoming a man. Nothing, I remain a woman and am even allowed to lead my country to success. And life – well it would continue as usual. Perhaps there might be a reduction in the population. We know the disadvantages of “man flu” already and men becoming pregnant and giving birth – I am not sure about that one, but who knows, miracles do happen.

Daily Prompt: Trading Places