Daily Prompt: Fantasy

The Tooth Fairy (or Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus . . .) : a fun and harmless fiction, or a pointless justification for lying to children?


“Ok men are you ready?”

The chocolate easter bunnies exchanged glances, somewhat perplex.

“Who is that big yellow rabbit at the front, is he the new chief?” they asked each other.

“Did I hear some negative comments” boomed a voice coming from the large yellow rabbit at the front.

“No, of course not” answered the Easter bunny team in unison. We were just wondering if things are different this year.”

Easter bunnies

“We decided to get some organisation into the Easter bunny distribution this year” answered the big yellow rabit “and I have been nominated as the boss. Is that clear?”

“But we thought we were always well organised” said one of the small golden easter bunnies.

“Well organised. Forget it. Do you realise that people are beginning to lose faith in us, That there are some of our followers that have forgotten that we exist. They used to look forward to us arriving. We would be hidden in gardens, beneath tree trunks, perhaps in cupboards in kitchens and the children would search for us. We have a short life, but a happy one, knowing that children all over the world enjoy a chocolate Easter bunny for Easter.”

“You mean the children do not eat chocolate any more?” asked one of the larger chocolate Easter bunnies.

“Of course they eat chocolate” said the master Easter bunny, stamping his large yellow foot “but why search for the Easter chocolates, when they are busy playing with their computers, tablets and other electronic toys. We have gone out of fashion, no-one bothers to search for us any more. I have now been appointed to put some organisation into the system to make the children respect us and find our place again in the Easter festivities. Even the hens have decided to go on strike and will not be laying eggs during the Easter festivities. Their pride is hurt and they feel their egg sacrifice at Easter is no longer appreciated. This year we will teach them a lesson.”

The golden easter bunnies started to murmer amongst themselves, they were quite stressed.

“Calm down” said the chief yellow Easter bunny. “Do not panic, otherwise your ears will start melting and no-one wants an Easter bunny with only one ear.”

“So what will we do to make the children believe in us again” asked a small bunny, whose ear had already lot its tip through exicitement.”

“No problem” said the giant yellow Easter bunny. We will go on strike. The tooth fairy will also no longer replace the teeth with money and Santa Claus also said that he will stay at home this year. They will soon realise that we cannot be replaced with computers.

Big Easter bunnies

So If you see a large yellow rabbit hopping around outside, be kind to him. Invite him in and show him you have decorated some eggs, and have made a nice Easter nest. Show him he is still appreciated, and perhaps the he might change his mind and not go on strike. Do not forget, the fate of the tooth fairy and Santa Claus will also be sealed if he is ignored.

Daily Prompt: Fantasy