Daily Prompt: Show and Tell

You’ve been asked to do a five-minute presentation to a group of young schoolchildren on the topic of your choice. Describe your presentation. 


Logistics is the management of the flow of resources between the point of origin and the point of destination in order to meet some requirements.

So now you have the essence of what today’s five minutes are all about. For a complete learning process on logistics, you would need a year at least, so I am just choosing one little part.

How many of you know what these objects are? I see only a show of hands from the girls, come on boys how many of you like to wear shirts with creases, t-shirts with folds everywhere? You do not and for that your mother has something called an iron and an ironing board.

What did you say Billy – ah you have seen such an object at home. Your mother uses it. Very good. Does your father use it as well? No, well now you can learn how it works and be proud. You can do something that your father cannot: iron a shirt.

Girls, how about you, I hear nothing. Mary come here and show the class how to iron a shirt. Aha, you have never ironed a shirt, your mother irons the shirts for your father and you do not wear shirts in any case. But I am sure you now and again wear a blouse, similar to the one you are wearing now. Ah, your mother deals with the washing and ironing.

As I only have five minutes, we must approach the problem of  how to sort wash and operate the washing machine next week.

Jeff come here. Now what do we have to do with the iron first of all? No, we do not plug it in. It is a steam iron, and we fill it with water. Leave that tap alone, you have to use special water, distilled. Can someone here tell me why? No-one, what a surprise. Can someone tell me what distilled water is? Aha Percy, it looks like the water your father mixes with his whisky. Perhaps it does, but it is water without any impurities and we fill the iron with it. This will prevent blockage in the steam system of the iron. Jeff, you may now plug the iron in.

Yes boys and girls, steam is rising out of the base and if you touch the sole of the iron it will be very hot. It has to be hot. What did you say June? Your mother always complains when she has to iron a lot, especially in Summer. Now you know why. An iron must be hot, otherwise it will not work properly. So now we have a shirt. James what do we now do with the shirt and the iron? Yes, we put the shirt on the ironing board. No, no, no, we do not iron the back of the shirt first of all. That is the last part of the operation. We begin with the sleeves and the collar.

Jill, do not laugh at Percy, he has never ironed a shirt before. I assume that you know how it works.

Yes, yes, I can hear the lesson bell. Our five minutes are finished. For homework, I have 10 washed shirts with me. Each one of you will take them home and iron them at home. Stop giggling, I want this paper signed by your mother.

I confirm that my daughter/son ……… (insert name) ironed this shirt by himself with absolutely no help from myself.

Until next week and do not forget, an iron will be part of your life one day when you have a family of your own. Boys you will never have a responsible job in a company with a creased shirt. You mean you will be married by then in any case and your wife will deal with such trivial work. Girls please be quiet, stop throwing your homework at the boys. June stop trying to strangle Jim with the electric cord on the iron and Pamela do not hit Percy on the head with the ironing board.

Daily Prompt: Show and Tell