Daily Prompt: All Grown Up

When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

sweet sixteen

Sorry for the bad quality of the photo, but in those days the digital camera was not yet invented. It was probably my mum’s Brownie box camera.

My first reaction to this prompt was “huh?“. Like growing up was something unnatural, so you have to feel grown up. The phrase “grown up” sounds so childish. On the other hand I had the opportunity to show my photo of me as an Amy Winehouse lookalike at the age of sixteen. Amy Winehouse was then definitely not born, so I was years ahead of her. You may ask how did I get the hair looking like that. No problem, it was long, very long, so I just bunched it altogether on top of my head with an elastic band, did a lot of backcombing all around, and formed it into a big round lump, pinning it down with hairpins. It might have been fifty years ago, but we were all young once.

Did you notice. I even have eye shadow. Probably some shade of blue, and of course the mascara and eye liner to go with it. Let’s be honest, it was the time when I definitely knew there were two sorts of people in the world, those with the deeper voices and the others like me. I really did not have time to feel grown up, I was too busy with other things.

I was also wearing very high heels, which actually put me at a disadvantage when hunting. I was one of those tall types, but wearing four inch stilettos or whatever made you even taller (in gunmetal or bronze leather), so that probably reduced my chances by fifty percent with those with the deeper voices, cutting the small models out.

I was quite good at dancing the twist at the time, and knew nearly all the songs by memory in the hit parade. I remember Neil Sedaka, Buddy Holly as well as Adam Faith. The Beatles were probaby just starting out in Liverpool playing at The Cavern.

So now I have wallowed enough in my early teenage years. My mum never really thought I was grown up. “Wrap yourself up warm” when I departed for an evening at the Mecca dancing. “Don’t speak to strange men” was a favourite one. Of course I spoke to strange men. If I go dancing I cannot sit like a wallflower all evening: believe me all those men were strangers that asked for a dance. It was also the time when I smoked my first cigarettes. Mum was not happy, although she smoked a packet a day, as well as dad. She just said if I want to smoke it was my business, but she would not offer me one of hers. After all at that time smoking was harmless, no danger, so I puffed away like the rest.

And now to play with my computer, my Kindle and my iPad, not forgetting my telephone toy called iPhone. You never really grow up, the toys just change.

Daily Prompt: All grown up