Daily Prompt: Perspective

Write about the last disagreement you had with a friend or family member — from their perspective. 

The arrival of Tabby

I told Mrs. Human, that the days are getting longer, the nights are shorter and all self-respecting felines feel the call of the wild. I even waved my paw when I left in the evening. So is it my fault that she spends half the night awake, wondering where I am? A feline is a feline and when we go, we go.

“But Tabby, there are all sorts of dangers out there through the night. You always go for a walk in the evening, but you are back after an hour. This time you were out all night. I was worried. We have foxes and there is a road near bye with cars. A fox could have taken you home for dinner, or you might have been hit by a car.”

“Mrs. Human, that is fate. If you go shopping, you might have your purse stolen, Mr. Human might have an accident in the car. Think of the worries we felines have. That would mean no-one to clean our tray, no fresh food, and above all no water. We would be closed in and not be able to go out because you and Mr. Human would also have met your fate. Have you ever looked at it from that point of view? We felines are the victims here at our home. You humans alwas do your own thing without caring about us. So we felines do our own thing as well. And do not forget, Mrs. Human, we were born to be free. We are not the pampered canines sitting on their back legs doing a beg or a sit when ordered to. We are an independent race and wish to be respected as such. If we get mugged by a fox or a car does not see our illuminated eyes on the road reflected from the lights, then that is fate, so just do not get worked up about it.”

“So what was you doing all night on your tour that was more interesting in coming home to the comfort and warmth of our house. I am sure you were cold and hungry. You should take my feelings into consideration Tabby. You could at least show some consideration for me. I was worried sick.”

“First of all it is our house, you are just allowed to live here and serve our purpose. The word “feelings” does not exist in meow and neither does “consideration” or even “sorry” have a place in our vocabulary. The basic thought when taking a moonlight walk is generally if it moves, smells good and has fur or feathers, then kill it. If you must know, yesterday was a very profitable night. The new harvest of mice were exploring the fields and they smelt very good and moved a lot. Now don’t get worked up Mrs. Human, there are still plenty of mice left. I only managed to get a couple. After all, humans prefer meat from the younger animals than the fully grown ones as well, so don’t be so fussy. That’s life (or was for the mice). Sometimes we just get carried away by the movements of the night, and an addition to the boring vitamine pellets you feed us with is always welcome and I have a built in fur coat to protect me from the cold.”

Mrs. Human said no more, I think she is not talking to me at the moment, even ignoring me. Probably wants to make a human point which does not interest me in the least. I give her five minutes and she will clean the cat try and check if we have enough water and food.

They have “feelings” and they “worry”. It is a good thing that meow is a radical language.

Close to Tabby

Daily Prompt: Perspective