Daily Prompt: Five a Day

You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

Vegetable mixture

I think the ideas for the daily prompt are running out, but nevertheless I will try to complete this one.

It is a matter of how it is meant. I get five foods per day? I now have the decision to put something together that will comply with my diabetes, perhaps just stuff I like, or let’s get it nice and balanced and healthy. One way or the other this will get boring.

If I really want to go for it, I would have a rack of lamb in a nice buttery herby sauce (is that two items already?) served with potatoes fried in some way or the other, could also be röschti or croquette (I think that makes three) and a nice vegetable, like brussel sprouts or perhaps asparagus poached in butter. I think this would be five. If not I would have a dessert. Definitely something with whipped cream – an apple tarte tatin perhaps.

If no-one really knows what I am talking about here, then you will find the ingredients somewhere on the Internet. I live in Switzerland and eat Swiss mainly, although I am quite partial to the french cuisine and Italian cucina (you know spaghetti, pesto and all that jazz). Just do not serve me any tripe, I think that is the only thing I do not eat.

I then asked my feline family what they thought would be a good choice.

The chief feline Nera cat said “fresh bird, even chicken or a Spring mouse. You know Mrs. Human the Spring mice are much more tender than the ones wandering around in Autumn.”

“A good idea” said Tabby, her litter sister “but I really like blue tits, especially the ones from Mrs. Human’s bird house. They are nice and fat and plenty of meat on the bones.”

“If you ask me” joined in Fluffy “a nice plate of tuna fish does nicely. As a blind cat (what’s blind?) I cannot catch the game so well any more. Just give a human a tin operner and point the way to the cupboard where the tuna fish is kept.”

And then all three felines spoke in unison “but no more vitamin packed pellets. They are boring and it doesn’t matter what flavour you choose Mrs. Human, it all tastes the same. We like to have variation in our diets.”

“Something else Mrs. Human”said Nera “we felines would prefer to be exiled in the corn chambers somewhere in Egypt where our honourable leader Bast originated. The place that was teaming with mice. She really knew how to do it, and do not forget we were then worshipped as the gods we are. Mrs. Human are you sure this prompt reads correctly? I think the challenge should be “The felines have exiled the humans to a private island, and they will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?” in which case your choice is limited Mrs. Human.”

“How do you mean Nera?”

“You get a packet of vitamin tablets and glucose sweets to keep you going. That will do – see we have already reduced the choice to two foods. If we felines can survive on vitamine pellets and a bowl of water, then the humans can certainly survive on our choice.”

Fluffy and Nera

Daily Prompt: Five a Day