RDP Saturday: Dreams

The expert sleepers are cats, without a doubt, They spend 23 hours a day sleeping, and the remaining hour is divided between eatiing and searching for somewhere to sleep. Do they dream? I think so, as sometimes in their sleep they make a strange nouse as if someone was approaching with a can opener.

Do I dream? Of course, although as I get older my dreams seem to get more realistic, as if they were not dreams but really happening, And then I suddenly awake and realise that it was all a dream after all: everything being as it should be, nobody missing or injured. And yes sometimes I seem to be back in the past living where I once lived in London, but not quite – with other people. I talk in my sleep apparently now and again, and if it gets vivid it can get a little loud, although I would not know today as I have no-one to wake me.

RDP Saturday: Dreams

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