FOWC with Fandango: Symbol

At the moment we have begun to live in a world of symbols. After two years interruption due to Covid, we are again celebrating the carnival season in our little corner of Switzerland. We are again masked, dressing in strange clothes, and the experts (which I am definitely not) are turning the night into day. Today they had a small celebration in Mr. Swiss golden oldie homr, and I managed to persuade him to wear a carnival mask on the photo, to mark the occasion. I woke at 5.00 this marning to the noise of bells and sirens as our village group made their was into town for our “Chesslete” which arks the beginning where a lot of noise is made and everyone dresses in a white night shirt with a red scarf and weaars a white hat with a tassel: all very much to do with tradition. I continued hugging the bed and slept further, not really my thing.

FOWC with Fandango: Symbol

3 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Symbol

  1. Narri Narro! (or whatever they shout in your part of the world – here it is Helau! or Ahoi!) It was my last day of school until Feb 26, and I had told the class about carnival (Fasnacht, around here). I had a costume, I had music, and I had Berliner (google told me you call them Berliner in Switzerland, we call them Kräppel, Krebbel, or something close). I’m not sure whether I managed to translate this bit of culture for them.

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