FOWC with Fandango: Ruckus

This afternoon I paid a visit to my Mr. Swiss at his Golden Oldie home. I had been stranded at home for a few days due to the uncertain rainy weather we had been having. April is just around the corner, and that month does what it wants to. I arrived at the home and usually park my scooter on a space at the end so that I a not in the way. However there was a car parked on my place from some maechanics that were doing some work at the home, although there was plenty of space on an official parking space.. How dare they, they could have taken a normal parking space. However, no problem, I took a normal parking space. Luckily I know most of the visitors and they just laughed when they saw what I had done. My little scooter was in the row between the cars. Actually it was much easier to park and drive off.

FOWC with Fandango: Ruckus

RDP Friday: Wonderment

At last I have my tea egg and can drink normal tea from the leaves. No more tea bags for me, but this was an ordeal. Our local stores had no tea leaves which was the first obstacle to overcome. I just found that tea from a bag, which might even have residue from plastic from the machines, is not ideal. And then the local supermarket decided to sell tea leaves, an import from Britain. I was so happy, although not my favourite sort. It is Ceylon tea, the cheapest variety.My favourite is English breakfast, but I decided that Ceylon is not the worst, so I got a packet – bought on line. But where was my tea egg? I drink my tea without sugar or milk, justt a plain cup with my breakfast. Being diabetic I have got used to excluding sugar where I can, and I have a problem with milk. My one and only tea egg was missing and so I discovered a special offer online – three tea eggs for 1 Swiss Franc 50, very cheap. The postage was 14 Swiss France as they were being sent from ???? Shanghai of all places. I had no choice and ordered. After a couple of weeks my little parcel arrived from China and now I am all set.

What a wonderful cup of tea I have now in the morning. Just half a tea egg with tea leaves and boiling water. You might ask why not coffee. Another digestive problem, Coffee does not agree with my digestive system and there is nothing better than a cuppa in the morning to set you up for the day. Yes, a miracle has happened, just plain wonderment.

RDP Friday: Wonderment

FOWC with Fandango: Spry

I began to lose my spryness about 10 years ago. This is me with my first support, a stick. Today the stick is just in case, to take with me on the wheelchair. However, I no longer use the wheelchair so much. It is electric and quite useful, but the stores are not made for wheelchairs. Where do you put your shopping on the wheelchair? It was then that I discovered the scooter. There is an attachment for the walker and so you can go shopping: detach the walker and take it with you into the store to carry your groceries. Oh yes, I had to make many alterations in my life. The multiple sclerosis got me when I was least expecting it. It creeps up on you and slowly but surely it steals any opportunity of become spry in the advancing years. Today I use my walker everywhere at home, or grip the various pieces of furniture to help me on my way. It is all a matter of adapting and I am becoming an expert. Growing older caught me by surprise.. I never thought that something like this could happen, but it did. It is all a matter of learning by doing and I am one of the lucky ones. My disability is mainly fatigues, my legs refuse to do what they used to do, but they still carry me, with help from all my various supports. I even lost Mr. Swiss on the way as he is 8 years older than I am and is now in a golden oldie refuge. We now go for short walks together when I visit, each with your own walker. Spry: yes, spry with a walker or scooter.

FOWC with Fandango: Spry

RDP Thursday: Brim

This is a Brimstone Butteerfly. They are one of the first to appear in the year, although this photo is from last year. We call them a Zitronen Schmetterling, Zitron being a lemon butterfly.


Otherwise my origano herb has grown to the brim of the herb bed this year and is spilling over the edge.. I will be cooking Spaghetti this evening so can use it in the sauce: a sugo or bolognese sauce is not the same without the origigano. I must say i have never had such a good crop.

RDP Thursday; Brim

RDP Wednesday: Consequences

Just a tap (or faucet for some) with plain water. Today water has become a precious and expensive, article, at least in our part of the world and so you think twice before using it. Taking a full bath has become a thing of the past. With my MS I can no longer even get into the bath and so, I take a daily shower, making sure that the water is not running continuously, but stopping in between and just using it to rinse off the soap. Living in our own apartment in a complex, once a year there is a list to show how much water has to be paid for from our administration. It was always the job of Mr. Swiss to examine it, but now he is no longer here, being in a golden oldie home, I now carry the responsibility. I did not even realise that water is measured in cubic. A very good friend of mine informed me that something is not correct with the records of our water usage. I am alone in the home with my son and our cubic usage is way above normal, the highest usage here, We have made a table of our usage over the past seven years, as this has long been so much. My husband did not realise this and me, being new in this world of usage, now carry the responsibility to examine the problem. I have contacted our water supplier and they will look into it as something must be wrong somewhere with the measure-ring system. I have now got in touch with our administration and they will instruct our water supplier to examine our statistics. Life for me as a single lady keeping everything under control has become quite complex, but I am getting there. I feel as if I am now a general manager in a small concern.

RDP Wednesday: Consequences