FOWC with Fandango: Pejorative

My parquet floor in the spare room/büro suddenly got a bunp near the window. It was more than 30 years old and unfortunately floors so not always last forever. The dust and dirt is where the workers had to move my cupboard which had been in the same place, also for 30 years.

However, everything has its sunny side, although the invoice for the new parquet floor is not so sunny. After a day’s work the floor has been replaced and I must say, I am very happy. I would add I had to empty the cupboard so that the men could shift it, and after they were finished yesterday spent 1-2 hours putting everything back.

I was not very happy having books covering my dining table not to mention various articles of clothing filling up my settee, but the work has now been finished and I have a good result. If the floor has to be replaced again in 30 years, I would be over 100 years old and – need I say more?

FOWC with Fandango: Pejorative