FOWC with Fandango: Reasonable

Today I called the local tax office with a problem. My husband has now been in his golden oldie home for a year, but our local tax office still send all the bills and forms to him in his home. He has no possibility of settling any tax invoices or filling out a tax form, it has now become my responsibility. In Switzerland you are taxed as a married couple, and not as a person. I had to learn how it woks and this is my second year of completing the necessary information on the forms. It is normal to ignore the female partner in Switzerland. So today I took it in my own hands and phoned the tax office. I must say the lady on the phone was very nice and organised the documents immediately to ensure that they will now be sent to my address. Another Swiss problem solved and I hope there will be no more.

The photo is not the tax office, they are distributed all over our town according to what sort of tax. On the left is our main reform church and on the right the sao-called Burris Tower which is mainly occupied by Swifts, although there is a small theatre as well.

FOWC with Fandango: Reasonable