FOWC with Fandango: Past

This afternoon, after visiting Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie home, I walked home though the cemetery. At the moment it is quite bare, no flowers anywhere: it has been too cold, but the stream was flowing through it. It descends from the nearby Jura mountains from the melting snow and finds it was through the village and through the cemetery. I watched it flow past,gurgling on its way. Eventually it will arrive at the local River Aare.

FOWC with Fandango: Past

RDP Monday: Junction

It all began when our chicken saw a road and decided to cross it, as all chickens do. There was no junction or other roads just a plain straight way. There was no triffic, just a few other chickens hanging around, but this chicken decided to cross the road.

And so she embarked on the adventure of a life time – a short life for a chicken, but you have to take the opportunities when they arise. She lifted one foot carefully after the other taking care not to fall.

And then it happened, She paused and looked back to where she came from. “No” she thought, “this cannot be right. One foot stopped and the other was raised to go on further, but where? No, the thought in her head was the only thought that a chicken could have in such a situation. “Why am I crossing this road.”

RDP Monday: Junction