FOWC with Fandango: Name

So what is in a name. This is the headstone of the grave of my grandparents. I did not realose I actually had a photo of it. So my grandfather was a “Relf”, which was naturally also my maiden name, but there are not so many Relfs. So I began to search and discovered that originally we were DeRelf from Normandy is France, most probably.

We Relfs are not many, few and far between, but in the South of England, mainly Sussex, there are quite a few. However I did not give up and being Pat Relf I did a search in Int4rnet, and yes I found another Pat Relf, even with my second name of Ann. So one thing lead to another and being in the dreaded Facebook I had a look, found my namesake and made contact. Long story cut short. We have had contact for many years and yes thanks to Whatsapp we have got to know each other personally. It is a small world.

FOWC with Fandango: Name