2 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Tension

  1. Consider this: where I live, there are several trains come through a day that carry coal from the mines in Wyoming to the power plants in the American South. These train are 100 cars long and they slow down as they come into the rail yard in the south of town. If you happen to stop and wait for one of these trains to pass the crossing, you are in for a long wait. You turn off your car to save gasoline and listen to the radio while you twiddle your thumbs! The alternative is to make a U-turn and find an alternative route to your destination.

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    • This is just a local train. The goods trains go through our main station going through Switzerland and often going further to Germany or France. In my days as an export clerk I would often establish travel documents for carrying goods by rail to Scandinavia or even Russia.


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