FOWC with Fandango: Stock

I really do not know where to begin. I could start with the books. These are the books in the living room.. However, we also have books in the cellar, and I also have another room in the apartment full of books.

I tend to read on my Kindle as it has its own light. However, I have now bought new bedside lamps for my new bedroom and they are are chargeable so I can also use them for reading in the living room.

The books have collected over 55 years of marriage with Mr. Swiss, but he is now in a senior home. And yes, we have read most of the books. Since Mr. Swiss is no longer here, I have begun to organise all our stocks of books. And there was also the electronic goods left from a lifetime of computers, not to mention the computers I found in the cellar which are no longer in use. Most of the electronics have now been removed, and I must say over the past year I have made progress with removing stocks of everything no longer needed.

I also have a cupboard full of DVD films, as well as DVD recordings of jazz music, all of which I no longer need or want, but who knows. The films and music are just too good to throw away, but at least I have now organised it all.

Someone once said that you should live as if your are going to move house once a month, and that is very good advice, only you should do it.

FOWC with Fandango: Stock

RDP Saturday: Birds

This is a photo from the last season of a pair of jays that visited my garden regularly.

Birds are here throughout the year. In Spring they are busy rearing the babies and the rest of the year they find enough food, but then comes the Autumn and the food supplies have to be helped a little. During the Summer I leave the birds to themselves, but now is the time when the stores are supplying the large bags os food so being a bird friend I have two large bags of seeds to get them through the colder seasons. Yesterday I got my bird feeder reader and filled it with seeds. I was expecting a cloud of hungry birds to swoop down on my bird table and help themselves.

This was yesterday and up to now the bird feeder has been ignored and not one single bird has shown interest in the new supply of seeds. However not quite. This morning one single blue tit sat on the platform, had a sniff around and afterwards left. I have not seen it since and so my supply of bird food remains untouched. Perhaps it is still too warm for feeding the birds.

I will have to be patient until the birds return for their Winter feeding sessions.

RDP Saturday: Birds