RDP Wednesday: Exquisite

I was in town this afternoon. I noticed that eery time we get a telephone invoice, Mr. Swiss has to pay 20 francs more than I do monthly. I inquired and the telephone company told me that was because he had a different Subsciption than I do. He has included calls free of charge if he is in another country. I remember I had this as well some months ago, but had it immediately changed as as a golden oldie we no longer go to other countries, but stay within our Swiss bordersl. As Mr. Swiss no longer goes to town for such tasks, I did it for him. Not such an easy task. I had to have a power of attorney signed by him to allow me to change such details. I had already prepared that and had it with me. I also had to have a photo copy of his identity card, and as if that was not enough, I had to show a document from myself to prove I was who I said I was – my bank account card was enough. Now the deed is done and from the next month he will be paying less.

Oh, and the photo. Well something exuisite. It is now Autumn and mushrooms are sprounting everywhere. This was was in a field, with a few others, so as you only really see them once a year in Autumn, I took a photo.

There we actually quite a few dotted around between the grass.

RDP Wednesday: Exquisite

4 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Exquisite

  1. Good for you! At a time we have less energy and means to correct these sorts of pricey errors, getting them corrected is a victory to celebrate.

    Once, a simple address change that a phone call should have taken care of failed because I kept getting put on hold. After 20-minute increments of waiting on hold, the phone would disconnect. I tried for 60 minutes to contact the government office, with three holds and three disconnects.

    Finally, it made sense to drive sixty minutes to the next town where the government office was and try to complete my business there.

    Once there, I was confronted by an armed guard who had his hand on the butt of his gun. “Why are you here?” he demanded.

    I guess the cane I was using presented a threat to him. Or maybe it was my crippled walk? Anyway, I told him I was there to get the addresses of my parents and myself changed as we’d moved.

    “Oh, the lady who does that is over there,” he said, suddenly friendly and hand away from his gun! “I’ll let her know you are here. She’s on the phone just now but should be off soon.”

    It’s too late to note the short of the story is it took just five short minutes to complete my task once I had the lady who took care of those details to do it. And an hour on the phone and two hours drive roundtrip that used four gallons of gasoline in the car I drove at the time.


    • I know exactly what you mean. Since Mr. Swiss now lives in a golden oldie home I have to deal with everything. The bank is OK ad the guy I deal with knows me quite well. Having a handicapped son (autistic) doesn’t help and I have to write everything in German. Luckily Mr. Swiss has written a draft for Power of Attorney that I can adapt according to what I need it for.

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