FOWC with Fandango: Payment

Life is no longer so easy because everything we do involving electricity, gas or any other energy source is going to be a subject of payment. The normal bills we receive will be increase by 5%, 10% and sometimes 50% – who knows. Today I got the new contract from the sickness insurance. I can live with it, because if I get ill and need care I have to have this insurance, but I do not want to live with it. It is all pay, pay, pay – because someone in a country far away decided to start a war with another country far away. None of my business really, but it has become my business because gas is involved amongst other natural resources. I now do my washing up after meals by hand. I realised that it is just two plates, two knives and forks. The ports and pans I never put in the machine in any case. It is just my son and me and he helps. Five minutes it takes instead of running a machine for half an hour using litres of water – yes water is also one of the most expensive commodities here.
FOWC with Fandango: Payment