FOWC with Fandango: Vocation

I gave my No. 2 son my Nikon 3000 camera. I had a new Nikon camera. He was thrilled,and he then began to take photos: not like I did, with the automatic, but with the manual method. Then he asked if I had any other cameras. I had a Nikon 7000 but the pictures were not so good on one side. I gave him the camera and he had it revised as it seems the only problem was too much dust on the lens. I also gave him my telescopic lens to use. One thing lead to the other and he has now bought a second hand Nikon from Ebay in perfect condition, a better model than mine. He also has my camera case and a few other lens that I no longer use. I still have my Nikon 7500 camera, but I have decided I should now take a few lessons from my son. I now take my photos mainly with the telephone camera, but I will now have to ask my No. 2 son for a few lessons on how to take the perfect photo. I must say I am quite proud of his achievement. Photography seems to be his vocation, but not so much mine.

FOWC with Fandango: Vocation