FOWC with Fandango: Cogent

“Why did we have to fly up here?”

“We have a better view.”

“A view of what? If I see something worth eating, I have to fly down again. I could just have well stayed on ground level. Look, there is something edible over there.”

“Yes I can see it, looks like one of those roasted chestnuts.”

“Hey just a minute. Wait for me, I want some too.”

“Too late, I have already eaten it.”

“That’s because I was perched in the wrong place.”

“No you were in the right place. You just lost time talking about it, whilst I went into action. You should be more logical in your acttions.”

FOWC with Fandango: Cogent

RDP Friday: Starburst

Stars only burst in Switzerland on 1st August, the national day. Although they only burst if they are allowed. This year there were no starbursts anywhere. Our Summer was so hot and dry that there was too much danger of fires starting, so no fireworks. However, I have a few photos in my archives from the normal Summers whre we were impressed by varioius firework displays and this is one of them. I suppose it looks a bit messy, so here is one of the more successful. Firework photos are not my speciality.

RDP Friday: Starburst RDP Friday: Starburst