Daily Prompt: Companions on the desk


If I had not needed my iPhone to take the photo, it would also have had its rightful place amongst the other online companions.

People, who needs people, human companions: they are all too busy with their own computers, iPads and other instruments. They might want to be alone, having a midday sleep, or perhaps even reading a book and looking after their own families and problems.

A computer is always there for you. You do not have to make arrangements to see each other, just plug it in (or not in the case of my apple which has enough energy for 10 hours wit a perfect picture)  and feed it with commands. It will obey, mostly. Sometimes is might refuse, but human companions are also not always in the mood to do what you want them to do. I was just going to ask Mr. Swiss if he could so something for me, but he has disappeared into the cellar on an urgent quest. Perhaps he has a companion in the cellar, in the hobby room – of course, his set of drums for a practice now and again.

“Dropping in”  on friends is not a good idea, they would not be happy about it. Like myelf, they prefer to be contacted and arrangements made. My one and true faitfhful companion is Mr. Swiss (if he is not have a drum practice in the cellar) and I do not need more. Yesterday he accompanied me to the dentist for a quick fill in a tooth that lost a small piece, feeling like the Grand Canyon whe I prodded it with my tongue. I used my companion iPhone to call Mr. Swiss  when I was finished and he took me home again with our companion car. It was a quick fill on the tooth, did not even need an injection.

At last I have found a physio therapist for my MS problems and have my first appointment on Thursday afternoon in the nearby town when I will again engage my private chauffeur companion to take me there and bring me home again. Physio therapy seemt to have become a new fashion, everyone has a physio therapist. We have a good companion that always attended to our needs. Unfortunately he has also now reached the golden oldie age of retirement, and he was specialised in training footballers, one of this customers being the Swiss national football team. He was a school companion of Mr. Swiss, but even if he was still in business I do not think that training as a footballer would be ideal for my condition. I had a few suggestion from my doc but after trying two I almost gave up. Either they had no time and were fully booked until Autumn or not specialised for my problems.

I also have a feline companion, although not exactly a reliable companion, as she sleeps most of the time and only arrives when she hears the sound of the tin operner or when I take a golden oldie midday sleep where she usually lays next to me. Just being there is enough for her, she does not needs a conversation or enertainment, unless a tummy tickle qualifies.

Daily Prompt: Companions on the Desk

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Companions on the desk

  1. Mindy is my constant companion. She’s always beside me. She’s just an old sweet dog and she doesn’t get nearly the press she deserves on my blog. Maybe I should follow your lead and make a Mindy blog. Right now — as always — she’s beside me on the sofa as I write this. Bear gets most of the attention, but Mindy is the better, truer, companion. When we go on walks, Mindy doesn’t even need a leash.

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  2. Pat I love the idea of a computer, tablet, phone etc being a companion. I wish I’d thought of it. I take my tablet to bed with me, my wife takes hers and its just like reading the morning papers all night while emailing and blogging at the same time. Plays havoc with your sleep pattern though 🙂 Anton

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    • I have my tablet and iPhone on my bedside table, but switch both off when I go to bed. I need my phone as a bedside lamp and to find my way in the dark to a certain place. In the mornng Mr. Swiss is generally up before me and I like to lay in bed and check through my tablet to see what has been going on in the night. I do more messaging than mailing but prefer to write stuff like that on my macbook, which is a sort of overgrown tablet for me. It is quick to put in action and I can even sit on my stressless chair in the living room and work on it.

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  3. I think all our devices talk to each other when we aren’t looking. They know each others’ names and addresses and they chat the night away. They plot, plan, scheme. They will take over the world. Maybe they already have!

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    • I noticed some time ago that my mobile phone is controlling my daily life, telling me what to do and when and reminding me where to go and when. On the other hand, I think without him/her I would be lost. The telephone always remembers the important stuff, and I tend to forget more and more.


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