Good Morning

Let’s keep it short because it is absolutely not a good morning. I have just spent the last hour talking to the Swiss com (Swiss telephone organisation), and my Post office account people and shaking my head thinking am in Disneyland. I will not go into details, but the post are having problems seeing the forest because there are too many trees in the way. I have now sorted it all, lost more than an hour of my blogging life and am only now eating breakfast and am feeling very hungry. One young lady at the post will definitely never forget me.

I am sorry, but I have no time left to visit all my blogging colleagues and read their posts. I hope to return this afternoon when I have digested the stupidity of beaurocratic organisation and something called data protection which is becoming an excuse for not doing the job properly.

See you around



7 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • The Swisscom were the worst, but Mr. Swiss said they are known for their stupidity. Main thing is that I won the battle – but only after calling a second time and having someone on the phone which seemed to be an earthling and not a robot

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      • An earthling? They’ve just improved their operating algorithm and fine tuned their sentient interface


    • It all worked out well until I got news from my friend in London that my 100 year old dad was beeing moved across London to a hospital examination for his pacemaker – at his age he really did not need it. I phoned his home and complained quite loudly. Apparently the doc found it would/should be OK. I did not find it necessary – do they really have to check a pacemaker in a hospital on the other side of London, I was furious to say the least. Of course he went in an ambulance with someone with him, but that is not the point. It is really one of those days today.


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