Daily Prompt: Three-Tenths

Scribble down the first ten words that come to mind. Pick three of them. There’s your post title. Now write!

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HAPHAZARD.

Nera drinking water from the toilet

I know, a similar photo was here once before, then it was starring Nera the chief cat and her like for fresh water. This time, it is here because it is the only photo I have showing various aspects of the shower: but to begin at the beginning with my ten wise words. Please realise I had just had a golden oldie one and half hour sleep after lunch, so my first thoughts were “get it behind me”, “or let’s clean the shower before I attend to the daily prompt which may be worthy of a Man Booker prize”

My first three words were


in German: this language has most effect of my surroundings, especially on the spectators. They think she is ok, not miserable, and ready to go, meaning thank God after realising that the shower is not being used by my oldest son before he goes on a Saturday afternoon town safari, so I can begin.

I then have a thirty minute silence, not thinking, not speaking, but working: removing the calcium stains and other such from the tiles inside the shower, washing the shower doors to keep the level of calcium at a minimum. Afterwards I apply my special magic mystery solution for cleaning the tiles. A secret Swiss cleaning method known as Harra: no strong soapy suds to removed, and no rinsing. With my special Harra glove I wipe over the surfaces and with my special ultra drying cloth (not Harra, but Jemako, also Swiss naturally) I dry it all off. After travelling around all four tiled walls, including the door, I am finished. I can hear you say, what about the toilet? I am a Swiss housewife with a timetable and plan. The toilet is completed every morning, just five minutes.

Generally this cleaning action is applied on Saturday afternoon (but it has known to be completed on Friday afternoon and even on Sunday afternoon), it depends when it suits my timetable.

The shower now sparkling and shining with cleanliness, blinding the eye as you take a look, I can begin thinking again, and talking. I only have three words up to now, but you can add the following. “Finished” “Time to write a daily prompt”, and that would be it.

Sorry, but my brain does not do words that come to mind in a neat list. I am a multi-tasking specialist and to be quite honest some of the words would not be printable, allowed, or suit the rules of WordPress, so I keep them to myself. Who really enjoys cleaning a shower with temperatures of 26° C outside and a comfortable chair and cool drink waiting on the porch? Now I am free to write, to upload some photos and afterwards I am allowed to cook the evening meal (to satisfy your curiosity this evening we are having chilli con carne – special Mrs. Angloswiss super prize winning recipe again. Mr. Swiss said to cross that bit out, I am overdoing it again.

Daily Prompt: Three-Tenths

And now for my new trick that I learnt: making Pinbacks in WordPress. Am still not sure if it works, but I think I forgot to remove my own link yesterday.

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