Daily Prompt: (YAWN)

What bores you?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DULL.

If I served a meal like this, it would definitely be boring

Rösti, peperoncini, fried egg

Just add a little colour and then we have this.

1st August lunch - Rösti, Peperoncini, Fried Egg

So perhaps this is what it is all about.

I asked Mr. Swiss “am I boring?” and he found “everything else. With you there is never a dull moment, the problem being I never know what to expect next.”

Just sitting around waiting for the sun to shine and doing nothing is not my thing. I have to be busy. Many moons ago I would have lit up a cigarette, but even that was between doing things. No longer smoking I have even more time during the day to use up my excess energy.

I swear over housework, ironing, washing as most of the housewife tribe, but without it, I would just be sitting around waiting for the daily prompt to appear. Even swearing is part of the excitement of life. As you see even my food has to be colourful, as my life. For the moments in between there is always a book to read and if the reading exercise becomes boring, then switch in a little brainless game from Facebook (Candy Crush is the favourite of the moment), no problem with an iPad. It keeps the grey cells working.

Yesterday I did have an overload of things to do, unexpected, but imagine the satisfaction when it is all done. Mr. Swiss has a back problem so is more than a little immobile at the moment. This morning he was going to bring our chief cat to the vet for a short back and sides due to the zoo living in her fur coat and the felted and matted density. She had even begun to remove the fur herself by tooth and was walking around with furry bits hanging out the side of her mouth. Mr. Swiss being incapacitated could not go, so I had to fit the appointment with a long furred monster in between changing the bedding, cleaning the kitchen (it is Thursday) and cooking lunch. Just a minute, I only have 4 hours spare time in the morning for these chores and the appointment at the vet was 7.30 a.m. meaning I would lose half an hour of my beauty sleep. No problem, I am the bionic super woman. I changed the bedding on Wednesday afternoon, in between my usual Wednesday cleaning doors work as well as cleaning a window frame which had been repaired. Was I bored, did I yawn, no, of course not, it gave me a purpose in life and I annoyed all the usual suspects with my complaints (a character thing).

I must say I was glad that Mr. Swiss picked up a sheared cat from the vet on his way back from the doc: lunch was served as usual.

I just cannot sit around and do nothing. Even television annoys me and with my multi-tasking quality. I can easily read a book when the most exciting horror movie is showing. Perhaps I might make an exception for a Brad Pitt film.

Life is too short so make the most of it and yawning stresses my mouth too much, I need the extra energy for talking. Now I have finished this blog, with a sleepy half doped black short haired cat sitting next to me (they have to put Nera to sleep when shearing her, it can become a dangerous job – by the way blog follows some time) and I intend to clean the windows – just a thirty minute job. I believe in regular work to minimise the amount of energy needed.

I hope you do not fall asleep reading these words of advice on how to spend an active fulfilled day. Probaby the theme for tomorrow’s daily prompt is “What actions do you take to stay awake. Tell us about it.”

Daily Prompt: (YAWN)