Daily Prompt: Back to the Future

Anachronism (noun): an error in chronology; a person or thing that’s chronologically out of place. Write a story in which a person or thing is out of place, or recount a time when you felt out of place.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ANACHRONISM.

I actually took this photo on the way to London City Airport on the A13 Road in London

On the A13 to London City Airport

“Geoffrey, what is that!”

“Sorry sir, what do you mean?” and Geoffrey saw that his chief was pointing, well digging, his fingers into a photo lying on the desk.

“Are you responsible for that monstrosity on the traffic island of our new motorway leading to the airport?”

Geoffrey took a look at the photo and was himself astonished. He was in charge of planning and organisation for his city, but he could not remember ordering the construction of such a significant ornament to complete the roundabout in such an important area.

“Err, well sir…..”

“Geoffrey, do not dither, yes or no?”

“Not really sir. I gave the workers a plan, the material was ordered, but this was not the idea.”

“Then do something about it Geoffrey. It resembles an unsuccessful attempt at a pyramid. Our roads are not there to remind people they can have accidents and be buried, incarcerated in a pyramid. It is a distraction to drivers on the road, do something about it.”

Geoffrey was now left on his own in the office with a photo he had never seen before. He contacted his secretary.

“Pauline, tell Fred Bloggs to appear in my office at once.”

Fred Bloggs did not appear at once, he was enjoying his tea break in the canteen. About an hour later he arrived.

“Fred, where have you been, I gave orders for your appearance at once.”

“I was having my tea break sir, it is my right according to the union rules.”

“OK Fred, now explain if this construction is also according to your union rules” and Geoffrey showed Fred the photo of the new island in the main airport road.

“Something wrong sir? I find it a wonderful construction, something completely different.”

“But it is nothing like the original plans.”

“Yes, well there was a little problem. The original plans called for a steel construction.”


“There was no steel. There was a union strike over at the foundry. We had to finish the job last week as the men were entitled to their summer holiday, so we used what we had. My youngest has just finished at the university. He was studying modern architecture so he sort of gave a helping hand.””

“Fred we are not partaking in an annual award for architectural marvels. We are constructing an island for traffic control. Please remove it.”

“But the men are now on holiday.”

The discussion was suddenly interrupted by the entrance of Geoffrey’s boss.”

“Sir, I was just ordering the removal of the new traffic island.” Geoffrey was quite nervous and the photo of the new construction was shaking in his hand.

“Yes I wanted to say something about this ermmm, new idea of mine.”

“Suddenly it is a new idea belong to the boss?” Geoffrey was curious.

“Yes, Geoffrey, I just had a call from the government inspector about this pyramid similar idea of mine. He is glowing with enthusiasm. Found it to be one of the best ideas we have had for a long while: a spectacular impression of our city when our visitors take the road from the airport.”

“You mean it will not have to be demolished and replaced by a steel construction?”

“Who mentioned steel? At the moment the steel works are in strike and the inspector found what an innovative idea to change from steel to solid concrete.”

The boss left the office leaving a perplexed Geoffrey and his workman Fred Bloggs. Fred immediately wiped the smile from his face before Geoffrey noticed and breathed a sigh of relief

He and his family had a plane to catch for their two week holiday in a luxury hotel in the Maldives. Fred’s son had won a financial prize at the university for his unique traffic island creation. His future was secured in a well-known architect’s office and what more, his idea had even been completed for all to see on the Airport Road, thanks to the devious idea of Fred Bloggs, his father.

Daily Prompt: Back to the Future