Daily Prompt: Secret of Success

What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us EFFORT.

Slug jogging

The life of a slug can be like the life of a blogger. To get where you want to go it takes time, patience, there is no rush, Rome was not built in a day (they still have a couple of ruins to clear away) and where do you want to go?

What is a blog – of course, we all know. It is a possibility to show our brilliant talents, our gifts of writing literature to change the world. One day to win the Nobel prize for blogger of the year, of all time. I am sure we are all on the way just like the two slugs in my photo. They are also on the way and one day week year they may reach what they are striving for.

If I started a questionnaire amongst my friends and relations about my blogging they would probably ask “What is a blog?” so you see the obstacles in my way to achieve fame and fortune and the Nobel prize for blog. We can be content with our likes, without our followers, but they all belong to a closed corporation going under the name of WordPress, a society almost something like free masons. We recognise each other, we perhaps even have a daily contact, we might regularly pingback, be a disciple follower, but is this the essence of success. We are perhaps all striving for the ultimate recognition, waiting for someone to notice our 50 shades of blog. I have a motto in life for taking risks, “what do I have to lose?”.

As my genius has not yet been recognised worldwide, I can still continue on my voyage to recognition of my brilliant works of blog. It can only get better (or worse?). Why do I attack The Daily Prompt nearly every day, because it is there and because I am too lazy to find things myself to blog about. It also helps on my quest to fame and recognition. I have met many other wandering bloggers on the way, good interesting bloggers, and I no longer feel so alone on my quest for the Pulitzer prize.

I might consider myself a successful blogger even if I have only one like per day, meaning that somewhere in this bloggy world there is a person that makes a fatal click on a “like” just for me. I do not feel so alone, I have achieved a like. I might even receive a Pingback. To be honest I am still working on that one. I am Pingbacking all over the place at the moment.  It is fun and makes a nice long completion to my words of wisdom.

What am I striving for: a very good question. At the moment I am striving for 1,000 followers in the WordPress world of blogging. I will then have a badge to display telling the world that one thousand people are following my footsteps. I am now up to 912 faithful converts supporters, so if anyone would chance to visit this fantastic unique Angloswiss blog, please do not leave without joining the club and becoming a dedicated follower of I, me and myself. It is free, costs nothing, but may help to increase my chance of at last achieving my Pulitzer prize and having my blogs published to leave a mark in this world when I am one day in the happy blogging grounds. It seems to me that people always achieve more fame when they are no longer amongst us.

On a lingering note of remembrance for our fellow bloggers that are still climbing the ladder to blogging success and tearing their hair out in frustration, do not forget the slugs in our life garden. They thrive and appear in countless numbers after a shower of rain, and so are we bloggers. Have faith, we may have a slow start, but with perseverance, patience and our gifted writings, one day we will arrive. My slugs always arrive, if no-one pours salt on them on the way.

Daily Prompt: Secret of Success

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