Daily Prompt: A Little Sneaky

Are writing prompts a useful exercise, or do you find them to be too limiting and/or hokey?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SNEAKY.


By reputation snakes are sneaky. Luckily I was separated by glass from this one at an exhibition in the nearby town of Biel/Bienne – see my reflection with the camera in the background?

It was a long odyssey I took upon myself before I arrived in the Elysium fields of WordPress. Yahoo 350 collapsed, Multiply went to the traders and eventually collapsed and via Blogger (which is a sort of solo act with a few spectators few and far between) I found my place in WordPress. I had actually been in WordPress for some time, just using it as a backup for my stories and poems in case something would happen. Something did happen and so I had my foot on the Blogger and the WordPress banks of the river. This exercise became tiring on my legs. Eternal splits was not my thing and then I discovered Daily Prompts. Some magical signal struck me from the computer terminal, a finger reached out and penetrated my brain, or perhaps it was just by chance that the words “Daily Prompt” were illuminated on my computer.

Actually I just happened to see it at the right time being in the right place. With my usual motto in life, you have nothing to lose; I did my first daily prompt and discovered I was not alone on my journey. There were others, lost blogging souls that had arrived at the haven of prompt, not only prompt now and again but daily. My intention was perhaps not to do it daily, but being a golden oldie, and not having anything better to do with a lost hour in the afternoon, I arrived. I soon realised I was not the only wandering deity in this world of blog. I have even got to know some other bloggers, through their masterpieces of writing. We all have a different view on the topic, but that makes life interesting. I do try to read other daily blogging prompts, time permitting.

Even my felines look forward each day to the appearance of the daily prompt on their pawpads, hoping that Mrs. Human will give them a chance to unfold their views on the human race, or bring the world of feline closer to all of us. This eventually lead to the result that I was forced at pawpoint to create a WordPress Site for my felines, although unfortunately it has been somewhat neglected. My felines prefer to play where the action is, on my blog. Now and again I sneak a copy over to the feline blog for their faithful followers.

As far as being a useful exercise is concerned, I say a big YES. Living 46 years in a country where I speak Swiss German all day, and very rarely English, I have discovered the chance to renew and deepen my knowledge of my maternal language. To be honest, now and again I look for the English meaning of the German word to complete my prize suspect blogs. Another help is auntie Internet with her supply of synonyms and antonyms, to ensure a versatile choice of words (here I am divulging the secrets of my daily prompts).

As far as being limited is concerned, I do my own thing most of the time but the prompt is there as a guide line an anchor when the seas of blog get choppy. Whether they are “hokey” or not, I am not sure, not knowing this word. The Free Dictionary on Internet tells me it means, corny, sentimental, contrived, phoney. This has complicated the problem, so I say make your own mind up about hokey. I do not feel hokey about anything here.

And now to psychologically prepare myself for the next Daily Prompt. It is twenty-four hours away, but time passes quickly when you are a golden oldie and you never know, it might be your last daily prompt. I can see the grave inscription now “She is no longer amongst us, but her Daily Prompts are still present” or something in that line of things.

Daily Prompt: A Little Sneaky

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