Daily Prompt: History of Language

Write a piece of fiction describing the incident that gave rise to the phrase, “third time’s the charm.” Which probably means in British english, “Third Time Lucky”, if not then my blog will not be correct, but I only speak British english.

Bobinette and the mouse

“That’s the way to go Mrs. Human” and Nera feline was really excited.

“What do you mean Nera.”

“Look at  the photo, our ex neighbour Bobinette caught a mouse and is deciding to have it raw, fried or grilled.”

“I do not think so Nera”. I said. “That is an older photo, Bobinette no longer lives next door, but has moved away with the humans that she owns and I do not think that her humans would actually cook a mouse.”

“One way or the other”, Mrs. Human “I am off on a mouse hunt. It is Spring and there is newborn life in the air.” And with a swish of her tail Nera went on her way across the fields.

“This looks good” she thought and pushed her paw into a hollow in the ground. “I am sure this is the entrance to a mouse hole. Miawwwwwww!” and with a loud cry she removed her paw from the ground, licking it to sooth the pain. “What was that?”

“That was me, protecting my children” said a high squeeky voice.

“Who are you? That hurt.” Nera was not very happy.

“Just call me Mrs. Mouse. My teeth have grown nice and long and sharp through the Winter, all the better for protecting my ten babies against cats prodding their paws into my home.”

Nera decided to end the conversation, her paw still throbbing and went on her way. In the distance she saw a field where the farmer was sewing the corn for the harvest.

“That looks good, I am sure the mice will be looking for their dinner in the field” and she bounced on her way to the field. That was a sight to see, mice hopping in all directions, but almost too many directions.

“I’m here cat” squeaked a mouse.

“Couldn’t be better” thought Nera, “an invitation to a meaty meal.”

Nera pounced, but remained with empty paws, her throbbing paw now hurting even more.

“No, here” said another mouse and Nera turned to pounce again. Just as she was setting for a spring in the air, she heard another mouse. “We are all here, we are all eating here” and Nera turned again and again and again until she felt so dizzy she had to stop and gather her feline wits about her.

Eventually she fell asleep, like all good felines. After a long refreshing sleep she awoke and saw it would soon be night. She decided to call it a day, tomorrow was another mouse day, and she hopped home, her paw still hurting.

“Nera, why are you limping” I asked.”

“A stupid mouse bit me, just because I put my paw down her mouse hole. After all she said she had ten babies, and could not even spare me one.”

“I should hope not they are babies and not a menu supplement for a feline. Come here Nera, I will clean your paw and put some ointment on it and bind it. How does it feel now?”

“Much better Mrs. Human, but I am still hungry.”

“No problem Nera” and Tabby her litter sister entered. “Look, you can have this one” and Tabby threw a mouse landing at Nera’s paws.”

“Thanks Tabby, where did you find that mouse.”

“Oh it just ran into my paws. You have to be quick and light pawed to catch a mouse Nera. No good if you are overweight, you do not move fast enough.”

“Are you insinuating that I am ………” Nera did not have a chance to finish her sentence.

“Nera, do you want that mouse or not, I can always find room for another mouse meal.”

“No, Tabby, keep your fur on” and Nera started her mouse meal, not even noticing that her paw was still hurting. She just thought to herself, “Third time lucky”.

Daily Prompt: History of Language