Daily Prompt: Share the Love

Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

Escalator, Migros Supermarket, Langendorf

Photo of the escalator in my local supermarket with a little bit of photoshop added

I climbed on the stairway to blogging many years ago, and still ask where does it lead.

No blogger has influenced me on my journey. I did it all myself, perhaps with a little help from my love of writing, of literature, and visiting other blogs and reading them. That is where my inspiration is born. I start with a suggestion, perhaps from WordPress, perhaps from another blogging site. It might be that a book I have read (and I read many) gives me my ideas for the construction of my blog.

I had a bit of a déja vue with this title, something similar was given as a subject a few months ago. I then told of various bloggers I had met on my long year journey through the blogging world. I see the same names every day here when I submit my blog for the daily prompt and I read the blogs that others write. That is where I gather my experience, ideas and targets.

We all start with an empty screen on the computer. Perhaps on the blog page itself, or in Word. I am a Word person, writing the blog, correcting the blog and reading through to see that it is more or less without errors. I also like to save it on my computer. My english has perhaps suffered somewhat over the last forty years. I live in Switzerland, speak Swiss German dialect through the day and have even been told I have a European accent when speaking English. I just hope that my European accent has not invaded my blogging world, perhaps it has, so please bear with me.

Frankly speaking, I am happy when people actually read my blogs. I am glad to see a comment from time to time whether it be positive or negative. No body is perfect. Even in the dreaded Facebook I am pleased to see a “like” on a comment or blog. I cross post. If I spend an hour or more on a blog (sometimes perhaps less) I crosspost my blog regularly in Facebook.

I blogged for many years in a site called Multiply which no longer exists, now having its head office in Indonesia and its only purpose is now marketing. You want to sell something, then go to Multiply.

We all fled in different directions and found a new place. Blogger was too difficult for those that were not computer adept, html being a foreign language. I was lucky that I had completed a web assistant course. Many found that WordPress was a desert island, getting no feed back, no-one there to clap their hands and say welcome. It is all a matter of taste. I am comfortable in Blogger and after discovering the many possibilities of WordPress it is now my main home.

Some of the exiles from Multiply are now to be found in a Ning site called “Muzenews” created by one of the ex-Multiply people. Through a lot of hard work and perseverence she managed to form a site similar to Multiply, but not quite. I was not exactly enthusiastic about this new site, but joined as I knew many people that were there. Unfortunately it seems to have developed like a one way street. If you do not join in in certain fields, then you will not get many comments or feed back. I see many postings, interesting, but they have perhaps one comment at the most. This is not the fulfilment of my blogging efforts, although I even cross post on this site. I can live with it, as I have my main interests elsewhere.

So to form a conclusion, no blogger as influenced my journey. WordPress has influenced my spirit to keep blogging through its organisation. They seem to start every comment with “We love bloggers”, so what more can you want.

And fellow bloggers, I will visit your contributions time allowing. Generally during the evening and at breakfast tomorrow morning. I always eat my breakfast with my computer. The keyboard is a canvas of milk stains and tea spots accompanied by bread crumbs in the gaps between the keys

Daily Prompt: Share the Love