Daily Prompt: Companiable

Head to one of your favorite blogs. Write a companion piece to their penultimate post.

Entrance Main Station Solothurn

Look, here I am heading to one of my favourite blogs at the local station in Solothurn, Switzerland. You do not know which one I am? I had already found a seat in the train. Now it was quite exciting, on a trip to a favourite blog.

We do not take trains to our favourite blogs? Of course not, but I happened to find this photo that I took last week when I was in town and decided to use it. Personally I do not even have a favourite blog. All blogs are my favourites until I read what and how it is written. It might be on that day in the penultimate blog, the blogger is not inspired, does not have the ghost of Scott Fitzgerald or Charles Dickens in his computer, so his blog is not worth finding a companion for.

Sometimes WordPress has funny ideas for its daily prompt. I always judge by the amount of daily contributions appearing to see how popular the theme was. Some of us prefer writing fact, some fiction, which has an influence on the amount written.

Yesterday seemed to be a “miss” with only 26 links. Today seems to be going the same way with only 13 up to now. I just like to write, and appreciate having a prompt to write. I might not even follow the prompt, but it is an encouragement or whatever in my finger tips and so I conjure something from somewhere.

I sometimes think WordPress is trying to ignite a fire of togetherness amongst its bloggers/followers. This is a good thing, it sort of unites us in our efforts to blog, but today it sort of backfired with me. Not that I am not companiable. I love meeting new people, exchanging news, but each one of us is an individual with our own style and preferences in writing and I would not dare to engage myself in a writing a companion piece (quite honestly I do not even know what that is).

Anyhow today is a bit of a rainy day in my part of the Swiss woods, although the sun did try to poke through for five minutes this morning. My cats have given up and each one of the infernal trio is sleeping in a quiet place with a “Do not Disturb” sign in front of the cushion written in Meow which only I and my felines understand. When I have finished this epic piece of literature I will partake in one of my photography groups in Blogger and afterwards begin to cook a Chilli con Carne for the evening meal. Have a great week-end everyone and I wish you success in your search in the penultimate blog of your favourite blogger for a companiable script.

And here is a photo of the houses opposite the main station to conclude this memorable blog.

Train Departure Solothurn Main Station

Daily Prompt: Companiable