Daily Prompt: Unleash your inner Dickenson

National Poetry Writing Month is nearly at at end. To celebrate it, try your hand at some verse.

Train Departure Solothurn Main Station

Pregnant silence prevailed at the station
In the air something?
A mouse skipped over the rail
Hurrying to find refuge
Pigeons pecking scraps
Took to the sky
Humans gathered on the platform
Carrying bags
Pulling packed cases
A flurry
No, a wind engulfed time and space
A voice boomed out
The train arriving at platform 1…..
blergle, bumble, blah
Deafining noise
An arrival, an appearance
Doors opening
People pushing
Jumbling up the entrance stairs
Mind the doors, the blow of a whistle
Silence prevailed
The train departed
The mouse returned, relieved
Pigeons repossessed their crumbs
People gathered
Waiting for the next train

Daily Prompt: Unleash your Inner Dickinson